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From: Kirk Landers
Subject: bleach episode 132 Luke- part 10Copyright and 6 nuns excommunicated
1. This is a fictional story with fictional
2. No one is to steal this story under any
3. This story deals with relationships and not sex, so
if you're looking for a story with a lot of sex in it,
this isn't the story for you.Hope everyone is doing great! After this chapter I will be ls-mag free 16yo ukranian taking a month
break to write the next installment and then will begin the next series of
chapters. Hope you all enjoy! Here's the season 1 finale, `The Red Ball.'`THE RED BALL'****FORD****"Patrick come back!" I called out as I chased after him outside of the
banquet hall."I can't believe that all of this was because of you!" Patrick shouted back
at me. "You are just as much to blame as Chandler!""I'm sorry Patrick. I had no idea!" I pleaded."I can't deal with this now," Patrick said. "I knew this night would be a
disaster. I'm leaving." Patrick got in his car and drove off leaving me alone and upset
over the whole situation. If only he knows how horrible I feel about
everything. It's an incident that I regret every second of every day.****SHANE****"Luke, I'm sorry, but I had to tell you," 14yo nude illegal
I said chasing after him. He
stopped and turned to me."Are you kidding me with this? I'm here with Morgan. He's my date," Luke
replied."I know, but I was hoping-" I began, but Luke cut me off."No Shane. It's too late. I'm dating Morgan now," Luke replied. "I'm not
going to say I never thought about it, but it's something that shouldn't
happen.""So where does that leave us?" I asked. Was our friendship over?****39 HOURS EARLIER********FORD****"You okay Luke?" I asked as the four of us were eating breakfast together.
"You haven't been acting like yourself lately.""Yeah, for the past week you've been quiet," Shane added."Is this about the call you got from your friend in LA last week?" I asked."What call?" Benji asked."A friend of his from LA called. The police caught the guy who killed his
Nick," Shane explained."That's good, right?" Benji asked. "The police caught the bastard.""It's bittersweet I think," I said. I could tell that this news has
brought back a lot of hard memories for him. The sadness that was in his
eyes when I first met him is back."Listen honey," Benji said to Luke, "You have to look at this news as a
positive thing. The man is in jail now and he'll be there for a long
time.""I know. I didn't think I would feel this way," Luke sighed. "It just
brought back a lot of stuff I worked so hard to get past.""Did you porn 1
call your friend back?" I asked."No," Luke replied. "I wanted to, but I couldn't bring myself to pick up
the phone and call him back.""You should go up and see them," Shane suggested."That's a good idea," I added. "You should be with them. They can be good
support right now.""I have you guys for that," Luke replied."Of course we're here for you honey," Benji said. "But your friends in LA
understand what you're going through better than us.""It is only a couple hours away," Luke debating on taking the trip or not."I'll go with you," Shane offered. I shot Shane a look wondering what he
was up to. I know he has feelings 1987 missing exotic dancer for Luke, but with Morgan in the picture
now I'm not sure if it's a good idea for him and Luke to be alone together
for a whole car trip."Are you sure?" Luke asked."Yeah. I finished my latest piece so I have a couple free days from work,"
Shane answered. "It'll be perfect. We can leave after breakfast today, go
up for the night and then come back gaping 20 tomorrow in time for the Red Ball." Luke thought it over a bit more before deciding, "Yeah, okay.
Let's do it. Thanks Shane.""No problem," Shane smiled."I have to go to the bathroom," I said looking and hinting at Shane."Well you don't have to announce it. Just go," Benji said with a raised
eyebrow."Shane. Come with me," I said."Why?" Shane asked confused."Just come with me," I said through gritted teeth. Did I have to make a
formal announcement that I wanted to talk to him?"Fine," Shane said getting up and coming with me to the bathroom. When we
got inside the bathroom I immediately turned to interrogate him."Are you going to tell him?" I asked."What?" Shane asked confused."Don't play coy with me. You're offering to go on this trip with him so
you can tell him you like him. Am I right?" I asked."Maybe," Shane replied. He obviously hasn't thought his plan through that
much either. "Do you think it's a good idea?""Are you kidding? It's a great idea!" I enthused. "It would be so
romantic.""It's a horrible idea," Benji said walking into the bathroom to join us."What are you doing here?" Shane and I asked in unison."You think that I didn't know what was going on Free 3gp porn when you offered to go with
Luke to LA?" Benji asked."Did you just leave Luke alone?" Shane asked."Oh he's fine," Benji replied."Don't you think he'll get a little suspicious that we're all in here?"
Shane asked."We'll go back out as soon as you agree to not tell him you like him,"
Benji said."I think he should," I said to Benji."Ford, this isn't one of your romantic comedies where everything ends
happily ever after," Benji pointed out. "This is real life. It could ruin
their friendship and along with it, ruin our group.""He has a point," Shane sighed."No!" I objected. "It would be perfect.""Don't do it Shane," Benji warned."No. Do it!" I said."Shut up!" Shane snapped at us. He obviously felt overwhelmed. "I'll do
what feels right. Now let's go back out there before Luke catches on!""Fine," Benji and I answered. We went back out and rejoined Luke. "What were you guys doing?" he
asked."Nothing," we all replied at the same time. We looked at one another 2011 vintage guitar guide
knew how unconvincing we sounded."Okay," Luke answered, dropping the subject. He then turned to Shane. "So
we'll head up to LA around noon. Is that good?""Sounds good to me," Shane replied.****LUKE**** At exactly twelve o'clock, Shane came over with an overnight bag
for our trip to LA."So where are we staying once we get there?" Shane asked. "We going to stay
with one of your friends?""No, I booked us a mass effect crack 1c
room at the Four Season's and then I'll call them when I
get there," I replied."Sounds good," Shane said. "Are you ready for this?"I nodded, "I think so." Truth is, I'm not sure if booty drop mp3 I am ready to face Kurt
and Leo. I'm worried that seeing the two of them will bring up too many
memories of Nick, but I have to at least try. I want to find out how the
police found Wayne. I want to find out how he was brought to justice for
what he did to my soulmate."Well, let's head out before you change your mind," Shane suggests."Good idea," I grab my bag and the two of us headed to my car for the two
hour drive back to Los Angeles. About thirty minutes into the drive as we cruised on fancy pants adventures 4 the 5 freeway,
we got to talking about Shane's friend, Brenda, who had an abortion. He
seemed to be acting fairly okay with 3some asian situation. If it were me, I know that
I wouldn't be handling it nearly as well. But it turns out that his true
feelings are a lot different than the ones he lets on."To be completely honest, I'm a total wreck," Shane said. "I can't believe
she just went and had an abortion with out even crack matlab 7
talking to me.""Why have you been acting so `whatever' about it?" I ask as I got into the
carpool lane of the freeway."Because that's black cock addiction 5 what I do," Shane replied. "I don't like showing
vulnerability.""If you don't then how will we know when to be there for you when you need
us?" I asked."I know. I'm trying to work on it, but I've been like that for so long now
that it's easier to just hide it," Shane said."Well, if you every want to talk about anything, you know I'm here for
you," I said."Thanks," Shane smiled. "So how are things going with you?""Aside from finding out the murderer of my last boyfriend finally got
caught, I'm doing good," I replied. "Things with Morgan are going well.""Really?" Shane asked. "You haven't mentioned him much.""Yeah, cause you and Ford don't seem to keen on the idea of him and I
dating," I replied."I just think that there may be someone 4 mm rubber cord
else out there for you," Shane
suggested."Like who? I don't meet any guys. Morgan is the first person I've met in
a long time," I answered."So just because he's the only guy you've met so far you think you need to
date him?" Shane asked."No. That's not what I mean," I answered. "I like him. I really do."Shane didn't say anything. He just shrugged his shoulders and looked out
the window. I really want to know why he doesn't like the idea 4 rubber stamp
of me
dating Morgan.****BENJI**** Since Shane and Luke headed up to Los Angeles. Ford decided to
hang nonude 14 yo girl
out with me at my store for a bit before he had to go to 2boysprivatsex rar
a restaurant
his work was sending him to. I figure since him and sweet amateur 05
I are having one on
one time, I should tell him about New York. He's my best friend, so he
deserves to hear it first. However, Ford being Ford, he was quite caught
up in all of his drama that I haven't had a chance yet to tell him the
news."...So anyway, now I have to worry about Chandler being at the Red Ball,"
Ford continued his long rant of Chandler once again. "And Patrick is going
to be there so I hope nothing bad happens. But what if it does? What am I
going to do about Chandler? Was it a mistake to have Patrick come to the
ball? What do you think? Is 18 yo girls nude
it unrealistic to hope that they won't run
into each other at the ball?""You need to calm down," I snapped. "Don't worry so much and just accept
whatever happens.""But it's my family's big event of the year and I don't want it to turn
into a disaster," Ford replied. "It would be my fault.""If Chandler causes any trouble just have him kicked out," I
suggested. "Now can we get off your problems for one minute so I can tell
you some news.""Oh, yeah," Ford replied. He realized how self-involved he was
being. "What's going on?""Well, I have some news regarding my recent trip to New York," I
began. "And it's something I'm really excited about so I hope you will be
understanding of it.""Why do I have the feeling that I'm not going to like this news?" Ford
asked. "What is it?""After careful consideration, I've decided to relocate to New York," I
answered."Oh my God," Ford replied. I thought his jaw was going to hit the
floor. "New York?""Well, they want to open up my store over there and it's just the perfect
place for me to be if I want to expand my business," I explained."All the way to New York," Ford said. I could tell he was still in shock."Yeah," I nodded. "But I'll still come visit so it's not like I'll be gone
forever.""I can't believe this," Ford said as he began to pace back in forth in my
store."What are you thinking?" I asked curious. Ford was quiet for a moment, he needed to regain his 18sx gay story
before he answered. After another brief moment he finally spoke, "I
think...I'm really going to miss Sims 2 nude skin you.""Ford, it's porn 3gpp not goodbye," I insisted. I could tell that Ford seemed to be
on the brink of crying. I went over to him and gave him a hug. "This is a
good thing.""For you," Ford replied. "But I'm losing my best friend.""No you're not," I answered. "You and I will always be best friends.""Promise?" Ford asked."Of course you idiot!" I exclaimed. 3gp illegal suck Ford laughed a little at the comment.
I wiped a few tears of my own away."So when are you going to be moving?" Ford asked."As soon as I sell my place," I answered."You're really moving?" Ford asked, the reality of the situation not filly
sinking in yet."Yeah," I replied. "I need this change. I've felt stuck here lately.""Stuck?" Ford asked."I've been feeling like nothing is really new around here for me. I've
done everything here. The only thing keeping me here is you, Luke and
Shane," I replied. "I really need to do this. For now anyway.""Well...then I promise that I am going to do everything I can to be happy
for you," Ford said giving me a brave smile."Thanks sweetie," I said 14 yo boy fuck giving him another hug.****LUKE**** The trip up to buy red wing 996 Los Angeles was 15 yr old porn quick, it was good to have Shane
with me. It made the time pass by much faster. We checked into the hotel
and got settled in our room."So should we go visit your friends?" Shane asked."Um, I guess I should call them first," I replied taking out my cell phone.
Shane went to hang up his jacket in the closet as I dialed Kurt's number,
but right when I heard the 18street latinas
first ring I ended the call."Are you calling the?" Shane asked. I still had the phone up to my ear."Um, yeah. It's just going to voicemail," sex over age 40 I lied. "I'll try calling later.
Let's go out for a bit.""Okay," Shane shrugged his shoulders. I didn't want to tell him that I was
having second thoughts about seeing Kurt and Leo.****FORD**** After I left Benji and went to the restaurant I had to review, I
met Patrick at the mall to help him find clothes to wear for the Red Ball.
As we were shopping around, Patrick noticed I wasn't in the best mood."You still worry about Chandler?" Patrick asked."No...well, yes, but that's not what I'm thinking about," I replied."What's wrong?" Patrick asked."I just found out that my best friend is moving to New York," I replied."Wow," Patrick said. "All the way on the opposite coast, huh?""Yeah," I replied. "I'm happy for him, but he's my best friend, you know?""Yeah," Patrick replied. "I was like that when my mom left.""Why did she leave?" I asked."After the whole scandal with the necklace that Chandler's family accused
her of stealing, she had trouble finding work so she had to move up north
to Connecticut to find work," Patrick replied. "I know it sounds lame, but
my mom and I are best friends. I love her more than anything so lsm04
it was
really tough elena 38 porn
when she left.""Sorry to hear that," I replied. "So your mom is still in Connecticut?""Yeah," Patrick replied. "She's working for some family who is pretty good
to her.""Well that's good," I said."It is," Patrick agreed. "But I still miss her.""That's sweet," I said."You don't think it's lame that I'm so close with my mom?" Patrick asked."No," I replied. "It's nice. What about your dad?""He's not in my life," Patrick replied. "I never knew him.""Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," I said as I picked out a red button up shirt
and suggested it for him. He shook his head when he looked at the price
tag."What about your parents?" Patrick asked. "I should know a little about
them before I meet them.""They're great people," I answered. "They love me a lot, but I will warn
you that they are sometimes a bit judgmental.""What do you mean by judgmental?" Patrick asked."They are just really protective of me," I answered. "They want the best
for me.""Do you think they'll like me?" Patrick asked."I'm positive," I replied. "They'll like you because I like you.""I hope so," Patrick 45th route lesbians said. "Now let's try to xxx-14 girls fine me an outfit that will
impress them, but won't kill my bank account.""Okay," I smiled. I wanted to offer to buy him the outfit for the Red
Ball, but I knew it would hurt his pride.****SHANE****Luke and I went to grab some food at the Ivy, which was a really nice
place. I've never been, but it was one of Luke's favorite nubile 13 yo places when he
lived here. As we were eating I could tell he was nervous being 15 y.o. boys back in
LA. I'm sure it brought up memories that were hard for him 18-20 nudist movies
to face."You okay?" I asked."Just a little bit nervous," Luke replied."Don't worry. Everything will be fine. They will be happy to see you," I
assured him."It's just going to bring back a lot of memories," Luke replied. He then
shook his head as if he was trying to shake out some bad memories, "Let's
change the subject to something else.""Okay," I replied. I took a deep breath wondering if I should tell Luke
now about my feelings towards him. "There's something I've been wanting to
tell you.""Yeah?" Luke asked. "What?""Well," I began taking a deep breath, "I'm not exactly sure how to say
this...I...""Oh God," Luke said catching on."What?" I asked, wondering if he really knew what I was going to free 12yo galleries say."You think this is a mistake, huh?" Luke asked."What?" I asked confused."You think this is really a bad idea for me to come here and see them,"
Luke said."No," I replied. "This whole trip was my idea, remember?""Sorry," Luke said girls under 18 nude shaking his nerves. "I guess I'm a lot more nervous then
I thought. I can't stop thinking about Nick." As I looked over at him I wanted to just reach over and hold his
hand and tell him how much I care about him, but it didn't seem like the
right time. I realize that I didn't think this 3 horny men sucking plan through very well.
Why did I think going to LA with him would be a good opportunity to tell
him I like him? I knew he would just be thinking about Nick. I surprise
myself with how stupid I can be at times."So you've been a little quiet," Luke noted. "Anything you want to talk
about?""No," I replied quickly. "I'm okay.""You sure?" Luke asked."Positive," I replied. "This trip isn't about lollita 13 yr me. It's about you. Are you
okay being here?""Truthfully, it's a lot more difficult than I thought it would be," Luke
replied. "All these places around here have so many memories for me. All
I can do is think about him.""Are you having second thoughts about seeing your friends?" I asked."Maybe," Luke replied."Well, don't worry. That's why I'm here," I said sincerely. "I'll be here
with you the whole way.""Thanks Shane," Luke said giving me one of his charming smiles.I decided I would wait until we got back to San Diego to tell him. I think
it's a good thing that he hasn't talked about Morgan much this trip. Maybe
he doesn't really like him that much after all. I'll worry about that
later, for now it's about Luke and seeing his old friends."Should you try calling them again?" I asked."Um, yeah," Luke said taking out his phone. After about a minute with the
phone ukrain 12 yo girls to his hear he put it back in his pocket, "No answer again."****BENJI**** After work that evening I walked around the streets near my store
and took it all in. big brother 12 nipples It wouldn't be long before I left this place. Of
course I would be back occasionally. I am keeping my store here and
leaving my assistant manager in charge, but I know if I want to become a
success I have to stay in New York for a while.
Telling Ford was the hardest part, so I was relieved that I at
least got that out of the way. Now all I had to do was tell Shane and
Luke. It feels weird when 14 y.o. girl pictures
you prepare to start a new life. I'm getting a
fresh start. In some ways I think this is what Luke must have felt like
when he moved down here. It's a new chapter in my life and I am ready to
experience it. As much as I will miss life here in San Diego, I need this.
The sadness was slowly being overcome by the excitement I feel towards all
this change in my life.
****LUKE****"Well, I'm sorry to hear they went out of town," Shane said when we walked
back into the room. "We came all this way for nothing.""It's okay," I replied. "You know what, I wanted to stop 15 pussy pix
by and see an old
co-worker. I'll be right back.""You want me to come with you?" Shane asked."No, it's okay. It'll be boring for you. I'll be right back," I replied
as I left the room. I didn't want Shane to come with me, because I felt
this was something I needed to do alone. It took me all day to get up the
nerve to do this and I knew if Shane went with me I would become too
dependent on him and not be able to go through with it. I got into my car
and drove over to Kurt's apartment.
The drive to his place was the longest twenty minutes of my life.
The anticipation of seeing them again after everything that's happened was
making me nervous.
When I finally got there I took everything in, in ways nothing
about free porn mp4 downloads
the area changed, but at the same time it seems like everything was
different. I slowly walked up the stairs to the second floor where Kurt's
apartment was and walked down the hallway until I was standing in front of
his door. 12 yers old erotic
My heart started beating quickly as I raised my arm to knock on
the door. I wanted to knock on the door, but it something inside of me
kept me from doing so. I couldn't. I tried to build my nerves up again to
face Kurt and Leo, but I couldn't. I couldn't do it. After everything, I
couldn't under16 nude pictures do it."You're pathetic," I said to myself shaking my head in disappointment. I
turned away and began walking down the hall back to the stairs. As I was
about to head down the stairs I saw a familiar face walking up. It was
Ryan, Kurt's old boyfriend or boyfriend (the last time I saw them, they
were broken up, but I always felt that the two would get back together.
Maybe they did.)."Luke?" Ryan asked when him and I made eye contact."Hi Ryan," I replied nervously."How are you?" Ryan asked as he gave me a hug."I'm good," I 48 star flag vintage replied. "How about you?""I'm okay," Ryan replied. "There's just some stuff with Kurt going on right
now, but it'll be okay.""Sorry to hear that," I said. "How is he?""You didn't see him?" Ryan asked confused. "I 14-16 girls porn figured you were here
visiting him.""Oh,," I replied. "I mean, I was planning to, but I can't. Not
right now.""Why not?" Ryan asked."It's still too hard for me," I replied."You should come in with me and say hi to him," Ryan said. "I'm sure he'd
be really happy to see you.""I can't," I shook my head. "I'm not ready. I thought I was, but...""I understand," Ryan gave me a sympathetic smile."How is he?" I asked truly concerned on how my old friend was."He's good," Ryan replied. "He had some issues when Wayne resurfaced, but I
think he'll be okay.""Good," I smiled. "And Leo?""He's good," Ryan replied. "Him and Jesse are engaged.""That's great," I said happily for them. "Good for them.""Yeah," Ryan nodded. "Are you sure you don't want to come in and say hi to
Kurt?""Maybe another time," I replied. "I should get going.""Okay," Ryan said. "Well, it was nice running into you.""You too," I replied. "And can you do me incest sister 3
a favor?""Sure," Ryan answered."Don't tell Kurt or Leo that you saw me," I said. "Please?""Okay," Ryan agreed. "Take care.""You too," I replied as I headed down the stairs. I got into my car and
drove away. It just isn't the right time yet for me to see Kurt and Leo.
Maybe later on down the road I will, but not today.
As I headed back to the hotel I stopped by one place that is very
important to me. I went to Nick's apartment. I parked my car in front of
the building and walked the three flights up the stairs and went up the
front door. I still had a key to his place and took a deep breath before
unlocking the door and walking inside. As I entered his place, everything
looked exactly the same, except that it felt darker, colder, the life was
gone from the apartment. Even though everything was exactly 10 yers girl sex
the way Nick
left it, it felt completely lifeless without him in it. I went into his
bedroom and sat down on the bed. Next to the bed on his bedside table was
a picture of him with Kurt and Leo and there was another picture of him and
me. I smiled when I saw the picture. The smile on his face that warmed me
up inside whenever I saw it shined through in the photo. I thought I would
feel completely overwhelmed being there by myself, but it actually felt
okay. I
felt like I could breath. It felt like the last thing I needed to let go
and move on.
When I headed out to leave I turned back to get one last look at
the apartment before closing the door."I love you Nick," I said quietly. I walked out and closed the door behind
me.****SHANE**** The next day when we got back to San Diego, Luke and I only had an
hour to get ready for the Red Ball. Luckily before we headed back home I
found a great red outfit to wear while shopping on Melrose. It was a great
red vest with black pinstripes over a deep red button up shirt and a pair
of red pants with black stripes on the sides. I would either look really
awesome or like the Cool-Aid man.
By the time I headed out to the ball, I only had twenty minutes to
get there before it started. I've been 3rab sex to the Red Ball for the past three
years and had to admit that it was a pretty amazing event. Last year I met
a really great guy who I dated for a total of two weeks. Maybe I can find
a guy this year to make me forget about my feelings for Luke.
That hope blonde redhead messenger mp3 went out of the window when I arrived at the ball and saw
Luke looking sexier than I've ever seen him."Hey," Luke said coming up to me and giving me a hug. "You look great.""Thanks," I smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek, "You look great too.
Really, really great.""You think?" Luke asked."Yeah," I replied. "Since we have a minute, do you think I can talk to you
about something?""Sure," Luke replied. "Before you start, I just want to thank you again for
coming with me to LA.""Of course," I answered. "I just wish you got a chance to see your
friends.""Yeah," Luke sighed. "But I think I got the closure I needed.""Good," I smiled."So what did you want to talk about?" Luke asked."Well," I began, but before I did I notice Luke looking over my shoulder.
I looked behind me to see what he was looking at and 14 yr porn movies saw Morgan walk in. I
hated to admit it, but he looked really nice tonight."Wow," Luke beamed. "I have the hottest date tonight.""I guess you better go to him," I said, trying my best to mask my
disappointment."What did you want to talk to me about?" Luke asked."It's nothing," I replied. With Morgan here now, I really didn't want to
go into my feelings for him. It seems like every time I want to tell him
about my feelings for him, something comes in the way.
Luke went off to Morgan as Ford headed towards me.****FORD****"I'm freaking out," I said going up to Shane."What is it?" Shane asked."Patrick isn't here yet," I replied."So? It just started," Shane said. "I'm sure he'll be here soon.""It's not that," I replied. "I'm freaking out about how Ford is going to
handle tonight.""He may not be wealthy, but I'm sure he isn't a complete uncultured moron,"
Shane amateur older than 30 answered."He's just not very comfortable around these kind of people," I explained."Who is?" Shane asked. "All these people here usually act like they have a
stick up their ass.""Be quiet!" I slapped Shane's arm. "These are my dear friends I grew up
with you're talking about.""Oh yeah?" Shane asked. He then pointed to a couple a few feet away from
us, "Who are they?""How the hell should I know?" I shrugged. Patrick then walked in and he
looked amazing. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt and red pants
with a white belt. He was the best looking guy in the room."Wow," Shane said when 12yr old fucking pics
he saw Patrick, "The boy looks good.""Excuse me," I said making my way over to Patrick and giving him a
kiss. "You""Thank you," Patrick smiled. "You don't look bad yourself.""Sweetie," my mom said as her and my father came up to us. "Is this
Patrick?""Yes," I replied. "Patrick, these are my parents; Melinda and Douglas
Ohara.""Pleasure to meet you," my dad said shaking Patrick's hand. "We're glad you
were able to join us tonight.""Thank you for 15 suck having me," Patrick politely replied. I beamed with pride."He is absolutely charming," my mom said to me with a wink. "We'll see you
two later. We have to go say hello to the Wolfsmith's.""Crap," Patrick said under his breath as my parents walked away."What is it?" I asked."The Wolfsmith's? As in Chandler's parents?" Patrick asked."Yeah," I replied. "I told you they would be here.""I know, but I was hoping I could avoid them all night," Patrick said. "I
don't want them to see me and bring up what happened with my mom.""Don't myp2p porn
worry," I assured him giving him a kiss, "They won't. These people
don't discuss unpleasant topics in public.""Has Chandler shown up yet?" Patrick asked."No," I replied. "And there are bare 99
enough people at this event that you might
not even have to see him.""I hope so," Patrick said. He then changed the subject to better things,
"How about tiny titties 16 yo
we go talk to your friends?""Sounds perfect," I smiled as we headed to our table to join the no nude 14yo girls gang.
When we got to the table it appears that free nudes under 18 Benji mpeg4 porn free broke the news to Luke and
Shane about his upcoming move to New York."Did you hear about this?" Shane asked as we sat down. "Benji is moving!""I know," I replied. "He told me yesterday.""It's so sudden," Luke said. "When are you leaving?""As soon as I sell my place," Benji answered. My heart sank, I really
didn't want Benji to move. I'm going to miss him so much. "But we can
talk about this more tomorrow. Let's have fun tonight." He then 15 yo sexy girl shook
Patrick's hand, "It's nice to see you Patrick.""You too," Patrick replied. We all followed suit and proceeded to try and
enjoy the evening. However, when I looked over at Shane I saw that he was
less than thrilled to be sitting next to Morgan, who was busy flirting and
talking with Luke. Later that evening, we were so far having a great time and I almost
forgot about Chandler when I saw him make a `fashionably' late entrance.
He must have some sort of radar because he looked directly at me as he
walked into the banquet room and headed towards my table."Hey buddy," Chandler said giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. He then
made eye contact with Patrick. "Wow, Patrick, I never thought I would see
you at one of these events. Ever.""Nice to see you too," Patrick said trying his best to be polite. Under
the table I held his hand tightly."I would have been here earlier, but I had some business to take care of,"
Chandler said. 40 with big breasts "It's cute to see you two together.""Thanks," I replied. "I'm sure your parents are looking forward to seeing
you. They're at the table on the other side of the room.""I'll see them in a second," Chandler smiled. "I want to catch up with you
two for a bit.""Great," I smiled trying 48 inch rope saw my best to sound genuine.****LUKE**** I looked over at Shane and gestured towards the guy talking to
Ford, "I'm guessing that's Chandler?""I think so," Shane replied."You think I should say something to that son-of-a-bitch?" Benji whispered
to me."No," I shook my head. "Let's not cause a scene.""Fine," Benji said. "But if I hear him say one thing to hurt Ford, I'm
going to kick his ass.""Everything okay?" Morgan asked me."Hope so," I replied."Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place after this
thing," Morgan smiled."You talking about a sleep-over?" I asked smiling."Well, between you and me, sleeping is the last thing on my mind for
tonight," Morgan hinted with a wink.I smiled and gave him a kiss, "Sounds like a plan.""Hey Luke," Shane said getting my attention, "I really need to talk to
you.""Sure, what is it?" I asked."Come with me," Shane said getting up. "It's private.""Oh, okay," I replied. I board3 cgiworld ls
then turned to Morgan, "I'll sex 12yo be right back.""No problem," Morgan answered.I got up and followed Shane out of the banquet room.****FORD****"So Patrick," Chandler said. "How's your mom?""She's fine," Patrick replied."I'm glad to hear that," Chandler said. "Especially after how things turned
out.""Let's not bring that up," I said trying to end the conversation with him."No, lsm16 rar there is something that Patrick needs to know," Chandler said."What is it?" Patrick asked confused."Well, you remember that necklace my parents accused your mom of stealing?"
Chandler asked."Yes," Patrick said quietly."I know she didn't," Chandler said. "I know your mom was innocent.""How?" Patrick asked."Because it was me and Ford," Chandler replied."What?!" I asked. "You liar!""What are you talking about?" Patrick asked. He then looked at me, "What
is he talking about?""I have no idea," I said. I glared at Chandler, "What the hell are you
trying to do?""Don't act like you don't know," Chandler said to me. "How do you think I
got the money to pay for what we did?""What?" Patrick asked."No you didn't," I said to Chandler, "Because of what we did, you got
someone fired?" "Don't just blame me," Chandler said. "You were involved with is as much
as me.""Why the fuck are you causing trouble?" Benji said looking at Chandler. "I
think you should go.""No," Patrick said. "Not until I know the whole story.""You think I should go get Luke and Shane?" I heard Morgan ask Benji."Yeah," Benji replied. "We'll need them to help me get this son-of-a-bitch
out here." Morgan got up from the table to leave. I wish I were in his place now. I
wanted to be anywhere but here."What's going on Ford?" Patrick asked me."Well," Chandler began, but Patrick cut him off."I want to hear it from Ford," Patrick glared at Chandler. He then turned
back to me, "What's going on?""Okay, just remember that this was a long time ago and I'm a different
person now," I explained."Tell me," Patrick said."Back in college, Chandler and I got into some trouble one night," I began
telling him sex gallery 12 yo about a time that I wish I could forget.****FLASHBACK**** Sophomore year of college, Chandler and I were hanging out in our
apartment drinking some margaritas and listening to music to celebrate the
end of a long week at school. It was our ritual, we would drink a little
and go out."So where are we going tonight?" I asked."Numbers?" Chandler suggested. 10 gauge brass shells
It was one of his favorite clubs."No, we went there last week. Let's go somewhere different," I replied
taking another sex 13 yo nude sip of my margarita. I was starting to get a really good
buzz."Club Montage!" Chandler suggested jumping up in excitement."Yeah! I love that place!" I exclaimed. "Let's go!""Let's do some lines first," Chandler suggested."I don't fill like it tonight," I replied. "Let's just go.""Who's car we taking?" Chandler asked."Yours," I replied tossing him his keys."Fine, but if I bring a boy home tonight. You're driving so I can make-out
with him in the angel fucked 16 y.o
back seat," Chandler said."Not if I bring home a boy too," I tossed back. We made our way down to the car. I had to admit, going down the
stairs made me a little dizzy. We got into the car and Chandler pulled out
of the driveway and we headed ass gallery 1 to the club.
We were only in the car for free 3gp adult a couple minutes when everything turned
chaotic. I 10mm female crimp terminals was busy looking for music on the radio when I heard Chandler
scream and slam on the breaks. I braced myself and then I heard a large
banging noise as I felt the car collide with something. The car spun a
couple times on the empty road before we finally stopped."What the fuck was that?" I asked confused, my heart was racing."Oh shit," Chandler said as he unbuckled his seatbelt and jumped out of the
car. I quickly followed him."What was that?" I 17 y.o. nude girls
asked again. amateur blow 010 I then felt my elita 5918 pants
body tense as I saw a body
laying in the middle of the road with a crushed bicycle next to him. "Oh my
God.""Shit!" blow up 2 registration Chandler said again as he went to check on the guy. I followed him
and the guy looked to be no more than sixteen years old. He had blood all
over his arms and legs and head."Is he alive?" I asked.Chandler went and checked his pulse."He's still alive," Chandler confirmed."Thank God," I sighed. I pulled out my phone to call the police."What are you doing?" Chandler asked."I'm calling the police," I replied."You can't!" Chandler exclaimed."We have to," I replied."Think about it Ford," Chandler said. "We've been drinking tonight. If
we're here when the cops come we're fucked.""We can't just leave him here!" I said.Chandler looked down and saw the guy's cell phone lying next to him. He
picked it up and called the police."I would like to report an accident," Chandler said. He told the police
the location and that a young man was hit and the driver seemed to have
driven off. He hung up before the police asked for his name. He then
wiped down the cell phone and threw it back down next to the guy. "We have
to go.""No we can't!" I said. "What age 40 porn
if he dies?""If we're here when the cops come then we're dead," Chandler
replied. "Think about it. Everything will be ruined for us. Now get in
the car.""But-" I wanted to protest again, but Chandler grew angry."Get in the God-damn car!" Chandler screamed.I looked back at the poor boy lying in the street. I wanted to stay, but I
also didn't want to get in trouble so I followed Chandler and got in the
car."How are we going to 18 hardcore lingerie
explain the damage on the car?" I asked, my heart was
racing."We'll take it to a body shop ben10 pic sex tomorrow and get it fixed," Chandler
said. "You and I will just have to pay for it ourselves instead of going
through insurance.""I don't really have much glory hole girlz 4
money in my bank account right now," I said. "I
used most of it on that last party we had.""I'll get the money," Chandler said."Your parents?" I asked."No, we can't say anything about this to our parents," Chandler
replied. "I'll get the money. Don't worry about it.""How can you be so calm right now?" I asked. My hands were shaking."It was an accident," Chandler replied. "We didn't mean for it to happen." We drove back to our apartment in silence.****END FLASHBACK****"And I got the money to pay for the damages to the car from the porn 70 necklace,"
Chandler said. "I didn't want my parents to get 2010 naked bikes suspicious so I told them
your mom stole the necklace.""I didn't know," I pleaded with Patrick. "I'm so sorry.""I have to," Patrick said getting up quickly from his seat."No wait!" I said getting up and nude pics 14yo
chasing after him.****BENJI**** When Ford got up to go after Patrick I looked over at Chandler and
saw that he was smiling."You think you're so good," I said getting up from my chair so I was now
face to face with him. "You ruined his relationship.""Ford is kidding himself trying to put on this goodie goodie act he has
going on. I know the real him," Chandler said."If you think the Ford you knew in college is the real him then you don't
know him at all," I said."Save it," Chandler rolled his eyes."You hurt my best friend," I said."Boo hoo," Chandler mocked. "I couldn't leave without paying him back for
abandoning me after I worked hard to cover caterpillar 797 blows up
his ass all those years ago.""So that's it," I 14 yo girls xxx said. It finally made sense why he came back into Ford's
life now, "You came back for revenge.""Eye for an eye," Chandler said. "He hurt me, I owed him the same
courtesy.""He abandoned you because he 60 over porn saw that you were no good," I said. "You may
not think much of Patrick because he doesn't have the money you have, but
trust 140w gear lube
me, the real trash in this room is you.""Go to hell," Chandler glared at me. I smiled before throwing my fist in
his face, knocking him on the ground. 34 g breasts
Everyone in the room looked over at
me in shock. I looked around and smiled, "Don't mind me. I was just
I headed out to pics 12yo nude go find Ford.****SHANE**** Luke and I went outside so we can talk one on one."What is it?" Luke asked. 14 yr old girl
He must have seen the nervousness in my eyes."Luke, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a long time, but
it never seemed like the right time," I began, "I still don't know if it's
the right time, but I have to say it.""Just say it," Luke said."Believe me, nude girls 16 old
it's not something easy for me to say," I said. "I usually
don't get like this.""You can tell me anything," Luke replied.I had to just blurt it out. I had to stop thinking about the repercussions
and just say what is in my heart. "Luke, I think I'm falling for you,""What?" Luke asked in shock."What?" another voice asked as it approached us. We both turned and saw
Morgan."Morgan," Luke said not sure what to say to make the situation less
awkward."Obviously I walked in on something private," Morgan said. "I'll leave you
two alone.""No, wait!" Luke called out going after Morgan."Wait, Luke!" I called out and went off after him.****FORD****"Patrick come back!" I yelled as I chased after him outside of the banquet
hall."I can't believe that all of this was because of you!" Patrick shouted back
at me. "You are just as much to blame as Chandler!""I'm sorry Patrick. I had no idea!" I pleaded."I can't adult xbox360 deal with this now," Patrick said. "I knew this night would be a
disaster. I'm leaving." Patrick got in his car and drove off leaving me alone and upset
over the whole situation. asian hot pink 7748 If only he knows how horrible I feel about
everything. It's an incident that I regret every blonde pussy 2010
second of every day.****SHANE****"Luke, I'm sorry, but I had to tell you," I said chasing after him. He
stopped and turned to me."Are you kidding me with this? I'm here with Morgan. He's my date," Luke
replied."I know, but I was hoping-" I began, but Luke cut me off."No Shane. It's too late. I'm dating Morgan now," Luke replied. "I'm not
going to say I 97 escort rear defroster never thought about it, but it's something that shouldn't
happen.""So where does that leave us?" I asked."I can't deal with this now. I need to go find Morgan," Luke replied, he
was about to head off, but I couldn't let him go with out at least trying.
I grabbed his arm to stop him from walking away. When he turned back I
walked up to him and pressed my lips against his. He stiffened up at
first, obviously taken by surprise, but to my relief he slowly melted into
it and I felt his hands press against my back pushing me closer to him. I
slowly slipped my tongue into his mouth which he accepted, but then after a
few more moments of this perfect kiss, he backed away from me, I couldn't
tell if the look on his face was excitement or fear or dread, he quickly
turned around and walked away from me.**************************************************************************To Be Continued...With any comments, questions or feedback please e-mail me at Thanks so much! I'll be back in a month with the
next set of chapters. Take care!
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