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From: smoothslave
Subject: The Making of a Raunch Pig chapter 9The Making of a Raunch Pig
by: smoothslaveatt.netThis story is true and depicts acts of a homosexual nature.
If you are underage or offended by russian penis this type of behavior,
please do not read any further.A special thank you to all who have sent pig emails extreme porn russian concerning
the story. They are greatly appreciated and most welcome.Chapter 9Pig felt the rush of cool air wash over its' body as the sheets were
pulled from the bed. It was rubbing at tired eyes trying russian babes fucked
to adjust to
the brightness free nude russian brides of the morning light and to orientate itself as to where
it had just woken up. It lay naked blog russian girl porn on the left side of the bed as the
last inches of the sheet was pulled away. Two hands grabbing its'
ankles and sliding it down the bed until pigs legs hung off the bed
and feet were planted on the floor."Morning cock sucker"Pig looked up at SIR Greg, his hair all crumpled and sticking
up on top of his head, his eyes red and bloodshot. He stood there
nude at the foot of the bed with his arms folded in front of his body
and his cock fully erect pointing straight out from between his legs."Good Morning fucking russians porno
SIR"Greg knelt up on the bed and put his cock into pigs mouth. Pig
could feel the heat radiating from his stiff cock as it slide into the
opening. naked in russian When he realized that pigs mouth was russian voyeur dry, he russian stripping news
out and spit into its' mouth. This made for a slick ride in pigs mouth
as nudes russian pictures girls his pubic hair scratched at the pigs nose. The musky smell of his
unwashed body marking pigs face with the scent. His cock
banging up against the russian ballet company kir back of pigs throat, then a galery nudism russian slight pull out
and his thick white cum spreading sexy russian boy over pigs tongue. Allowing it
to appreciate the full taste as it washed over and down the pigs
throat."Fuck yeah.. Follow russian lollita porno
me faggot.."Pig followed SIR out of the bedroom and into the hallway.
Getting nervous as he entered into the bathroom. Pig slowing
down with each step. SIR took a seat on the toilet and had pig
kneel in underground russian sex between his hairy legs. There pig sat with russian free pics incest
his cock in
its' mouth and drank his strong morning piss. Bitter and intense
like a batch of strong black coffee. Burning as it made its russian mpeg way
down russians having sex
pigs throat and into russian woman
its' stomach. He just sat there barely russian girl like
nothing was happening, reading a magazine porno in russian
he picked up from
the counter. When pig finished russian boob game drinking from his cock, it began
to pull away russian kids cocks to sit upright. But SIR held onto pigs head and kept
it in place between his thighs and on his soft cock."You had some trouble last night with Steve. We are going to
work on that problem starting today."A few dribbles russian sex web
of piss escaped from his cock into pigs mouth
as he pushed out his morning dump. Pig could hear the sound of
his shit as it russian schoolgirls galleries
parted his asshole with a slight sound of moisture. The
light splashes as it came into contact with the water. sexy russian girls porn The smell
as it russian kids fucking porn
crept up russian porn photo between his legs and invaded pigs nose. A small
short blast of piss as he pushed out the final waste from his asshole,
the magazine placed back onto the counter and pigs head pushed
slightly to get free russian petite pics
it to sit upright.He rose from the seat and had pig look into the bowl. Dark
thick brown curls of shit hardcore volient russian sex swimming in the murky water. Pig
holding back tears as it thought about what russian amatuer SIR was going to
make it do this morning. Pig was shocked, confused, and
thrilled as he pushed on the lever and the toilet was emptied.
All of the his waste slightly rising up with the increase of water
then swirling away and out of sight."See that faggot. You were naked russians movies
able to take in the smell and not
gag. Felt good to have a fag drinking from my cock as I took
my morning shit. You are learning that you will do junior russian porn russian dating tours
as told."Pig russian girls licking looked up at SIR and smiled, unsure what to say really.
Just happy that the waste hot sexy russian women from his ass was gone to the sewer."You know fag there still is the matter of my asshole being wiped
clean. I though russian spanking girls to myself this morning, if the fag gags then he
can start slowly and use some toilet paper to wipe my ass. But
fuck russian ladys
you didn't even gag today. So no toilet paper. We move
you along nude russian camp girls
quicker since you like the smell."Pig couldn't believe what it russian 16 yo nude was hearing. It was tricked and
played by him. Pig didn't gag because of fear of making him angry
this morning. It held back and tried to be strong to please him, to
make him happy. Now it was going to be punished for trying to
please him.A tear ran down pigs face as it knelt on the bathroom floor and
waited as russian sexygirl movie pic SIR positioned himself and spread angels russians nudes his ass cheeks. russian mafia free sex
dark hair in his russian schoolgirl video crack swirling freely down russian 13yo
the seem but matted
and stuck in brown right on his pucker. A small ring of nude russian porn brown
crud showing how the waste russian youth mpegs
slid out of his hole and spread his
opening in the russian adult women process. Pig just sat there and looked on, disgusted
by this whole russian girs naked scene, not wanting to do this."Lick it faggot. Clean my ass with your fucking mouth."
"please SIR. I can't do this SIR""You fucking piece of shit you will do this. NOW !!"
"please SIR. I can't SIR.. Please SIR anything else SIR"
Tears now running down pigs face. Humiliated and just
wanting to go home.SIR turned and back handed pig across the face, making its' teeth
chatter with the blow."You fucking asshole. list russian porn stars One last time.. Lick naturists free russian
my asshole russian schoolgirl
"no SIR.. russian sex trade
can't.. really incest russian mature sorry SIR"SIR defeated nude russian gallery by pig, pushed its' face knocking it to the floor.
He turned free russian porn audition and wiped his ass clean with the toilet paper and told
pig that he should make it eat the paper for being disobedient.
Pig lay there crying and afraid of him, afraid of what his actions
would be.He lifted the toilet seat and looked at pig with glaring eyes."Sit russian cuntrussian bikini girls and take russian ru porn a shit you arts girls russian fucking worthless piece of fucking crap"Pig crawled past SIR, afraid of being beaten as it got close. It
sat on the bare rim of the toilet free russian pictures and looked down at the floor. Pig
was now humiliated of having SIR watch as it took a dump in the
toilet. Nothing like this ever happened to pig before. This was
always thought of as a private chat russian girl free moment and to have him looking
on hot russian girls funlumpkinsing was horrible for pig. It tried its best to block out the gothic russian pic
fact that
he was hovering, waiting for the act. Splashes and a light mist of
water hitting its cheeks as it emptied its' bowels. Pigs cock
pressing under the rim of the toilet letting go with a stream of piss.
Finished it looked up at SIR, afraid to move or say anything at this
point.He squatted in front of pig and told it to sit back further on the
rim. He looked into the toilet, then up at pig and smiled. He
spread pigs legs russian painting nude further apart and it could russianude feel his hand brush past
its' ball. Two fingers rubbing on pigs hole, poking sex russian kid into the opening
then back out hot russian maid between its' legs. Holding his brown coated fingers
in front of pigs face."You will learn to do what I say faggot."His fingers entering into pigs mouth, spreading the waste from its'
own ass onto pigs tongue. Pig gagging and tears streaming down.
Humiliated, defeated, degraded... It sat there and sucked on SIRs
fingers until they were clean."From now on faggot, when adult russian dating
you are here you never use toilet
paper when you dump. You do your business with my permission
and clean your hole this way. You think your are too good to lick
my asshole then you lick from your own faggot."Pigs toilet training had begun."Get dressed. We have things to do.."....................................................................Our first russian strippers stop was at the mall. He sat out on the bench in the
hallway as pig took the undeveloped film into the 1 hour photo
shop. Pig was told by SIR to wait for the film as it was being
processed. tiny pussy russian
The young man behind the counter feeding the film
into a tray and then watching at it disappeared into the machine.
Pig free nude russian bride standing by the counter as the man went about his business.
Minutes later a door behind the counter opening slightly."Ray come here you have to see this amateur russian porn shit.." another russian 02 guys voice
from inside. The man that waited on pig slipping inside the back
room. Pig could hear sexy naked russian girls
them laughing and carrying on behind the
door. The young man reappearing and making his way back out
to the store front, another guy poking his head out looking straight
at pig. "Here is your pictures" the man holding back a smile.
Pig paid for the pictures and left the store russian pussy site humiliated. russian girl freeporn picture Pigs face
hot on fire as it walked back to SIR."I should go in there and tell them that you can suck their cocks.
You want old russian slut that faggot"
"no SIR... please SIR""Sit..."Pig sat next to SIR as he flipped through the pictures. Looking
at the snapshots he took the night before of pig tied, beaten and
used. Pig sat there uncomfortably as shoppers walked by. Hoping
that they didn't glance down. Feeling the stare of the guys in the
photo shop. Pig wanted to die."Two more stops free russian family nude faggot."We left the mall and headed to russian anal fucking the home free russian 3d pics center down the street.
SIR gave pig its instructions and followed it as it entered the store.
SIR was never far away as pig did as ordered. It went and picked
up a white toilet seat and tucked it under its arm. Down the long
hallways, past the russian handjob
paint and rugs, past the kitchen hardware, to
the lumber section live russian sex show of the store. It picked russian art girls up two 2 x 4 's and a
small square cut of plywood. 1912 russian genealogy Back to the nails and selected a
small box. SIR lingering down the hallway watching it as it made
the selections. russian and ukranian erotic
Pig swallowed hard as it started to complete its
last order. It made its way to adult russian web sites the worker dressed in the green
bib and asked what type of hinges would be needed to attach
the toilet seat to the square of wood. The worker scrunching up
his face and asking pig to repeat the question, russian first sex obviously never
being asked that question before. Pig russian incest videos repeated and he asked
why would you want to attach a toilet seat to a russian boy photos
piece of wood.
Pigs heart sank as it had to tell the worker that it was making a
rim seat and needed to know what type of hardware was needed
so that it didn't break the white plastic. Without saying a word
he led pig russian nude tpg to the hardware and then smiled as pig started to walk
away."Well hello Greg. Long time no see. I see you are up to your
tricks again. Was wondering what the hell he was up to." "Hey Larry.. Yeah just breaking in this boy. You should
stop over some time. He is better than the last one.""Yeah I just might do that.. Just might do that.."Pig paid for the items and we left the store."You lucked out russian porn star photo with him faggot. We go back far."
"yes SIR""He will call for sure. He'll want to see that rim chair you
are going to build." he laughed as russian girl school
we drove off...The last stop was at the pet store a few blocks away. Pig had to
purchase a collar and nubile russians leash. Trying hard not to let the workers
see as it fitted the collar around its neck, making sure of the fit.
The only stop that was uneventful, except for the fact that while
pig was paying for the items it was sure that they knew what boys russian twinks it
was for. Most likely being sexy russian ass paranoid at that point but humiliated
none the less.After we arrived back at SIRs home, pig was stripped of its
clothing and russian babe porn
led to the basement. SIR leaving it russian lollitas tgp in the cool
basement with tools and instructions. Pig standing in the saw
dust as it cut a hole in the square russian bdsm tgp
and began to assemble the
rim seat. Working hard to do it right. Working hard to please
SIR. Frightened of what it was turning into, scared of russian nude family pics
it may have already become.Next chapter: Weekend spent with SIR continued
You can send any comments to

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