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From: Al Schwartzer
Subject: Mall MaintananceIf you enjoy fantasies with older men, read on.Living across the street from a mall in New York littles girls photos City definitely has its
advantages. No dealing with parking headaches, no dealing little asian schoolgirl
with traffic.
Just little girlnude pics cross the avenue, and there you are.Last April, I had Easter week little girls incest off, so I visited the mall on a daily basis.
Lunch at the food court, then window shopping at different stores every day
was kind of fun.The nudist little teens
real treat, though, was looking at a maintenance man that usually
worked the first floor.Mid 50s, short grey hair, clean shaven, with the slightest of little pot
bellies (expected at that age). Always in his light blue shirt and darker
blue pants. The short sleeves on the shirt and the open button revealed a
lot of beautiful grey hair.The first day I sweet little heartbreaker
saw him, he was emptying a trash can next to a cute little animals Mrs Fields
cookies store. The next day, I walked in at the same time, hoping little preeten videos that little girl nu
would be around. He was in the same spot. This told me that he was probably
on a schedule, so I decided to plan something for the next day. I arrived
at the mall about 10 minutes earlier, and bought a cup of coffee and a
couple of cookies from the store. I then sat at one of the benches very
near the trash receptacle. little teen tits Sure enough, within a couple of minutes, there
he was. I noticed on the little boy toplist right side of the shirt, a patch with the name
"Bill".That little girls nud was all i need to open the conversation.- "Bill. My brother's name is Bill, my landlord's name is Bill, my doctor's
name is Bill. Seems like you guys are everywhere" I told him.He looked at me and gave me a great big smile.-" Yes, we are everywhere, its all part of a master plan to take over the
world".-" Well, my name is littlegirl nude Al, so you haven't won yet". we both laughed. I told
him I had seen him the day before, and that he seemed to be like clockwork.- " When you have been doing this for 27 little titties teenager
years, you better have it down
pat". I got this job when I was 28, and have been doing it ever since"- "Obviously, you must be doing something right" I said.The next couple of days, we saw each other, said our hellos, and then went
on our way. I little tgp angel thought about asking him what time he got off, maybe inviting
him for a cup of coffee, but I didn't build the courage for it. Saturday
came, and there was no Bill. I had gotten so used to him being there, I
didn't realize it was the weekend. Oh well, seeing little 13y gallery that beautiful man would
have to wait until tiny little sex
some point in the summer.Sunday came, and I went for my morning coffee. As I pulled on the door, it
wouldn't budge. All the lights inside were off. "Duh, its Easter Sunday" I
thought to myself. I llittle girl naked
guess this meant going back nud little baby home and little teen gallery driving to a
dinner. As I turned around, Bill was about 20 illinois little lotto
feet await and walking
towards me with that big smile of little pussy photos his.- " You forgot its Easter Sunday, didn't you?' he said with little girlsporn gallery a smile.-" Guilty".-" Ah, don't worry, it happens every year to someone".-" I am sure, but little child porno this kills my morning coffee". - " If you come with me, I have the solution" my little preeten he said.We walked back towards the same little girls forum
area where I had seen Bill coming from. He
took nude little girls
one of the keys from his chain and little beach nonude opened a side door.We walked down a staircase little cum pics and found ourselves little kds tgp in a long corridor, with
pipes angels little teen
all over the ceiling.- " I just put a little blond girls pot on before I went upstairs. I am all alone on this side
of the building, so I guess its a good thing you are here, it won't go to
waste".-" Why are little girl mpegs you here to littlest rusas porn start little dolls tgp
little sandra teen
with?"I asked" You porno little baby
see, doing this for so long, I little girl showering
have learned many little mermaid anime tricks. I live
alone, so prepubescent little boys I have nothing to do on the weekends. If I work a little agents weekend, i get
time and a half. For Easter, they free naked little used to ask me to come in and clean up
Saturday evening.When little kds porno I used to do that, , you always had someone who
needed some legal little nudes
little thing, its late, so you helped them, next thing you
knew, it was ridiculously late.So, I come in thumb little teen on Sunday, there is no one here, I get done in no time, and
still get home to watch the baseball game."-" Smart. Nothing like experience".-" Convenient, that's all".We then got to his office. A little xxx rather empty room, save for a couch, a table,
a TV that had seen better days, and a small counter with little schoolgirl porn a little girls pussyu coffee maker and
a small fridge.Bill went over to the tony little gazelle table.-" Milk and sugar".-" Yes, please".Bill came and sat at the table with 2 cups of coffee and also produced a
small box of donuts.-" Beats the heck out of breakfast alone" he said-" I know what you mean".-"You are single too?" he asked-"Yes, have been all broken little toe my asian little schoolgirls life".-" I little porn mpegs see. I was married, really nice lady, but we just couldn't make it
work".-" Really? You seem so easy to get along with"-' I am. We just little boys having had some issues".-" That's a shame. I am sure there's probably a bunch of girls, little pussy picslittles girls lingerie and even a
couple tiny little pussies of guys that wouldn't mind dating you".Bill suddenly got beet red, little girls fisting and said, in somewhat of a trembling voice" At this point, I would take anything. I haven't had sex in over 3
years. Just little mermaid coverlittle ass boys talking about it makes me hard. As he said this, he Nudes little angel put little boys ties his
hand on the front of little incest top his pants. You could clearly make out the outline Cute little thong of
his cock through the worn blue pants.I didn't think I would have a better opportunity, so I said" Geez, if its really that bad,i will take one for the team".I wasn't done saying my little dick
it, that he was unzipping. free little porn
I took his dick gently into
my right hand, and he chicken little shirts
trembled with pleasure. I slowly ran little child xxx my hand up and
down his little lollipop xxx shaft, while he was seemingly lost in his own world. I undid his
belt, and unbuttoned his pants, which fell right to the little russian nyphets floor. Letting go
of teen little porn
his dick for a second, little japanese tits I slowly took down his briefs nasty little nude
with both hands.
His dick wasn't imgboard little girl the biggest, maybe about 5 inches, but stiff as soft little tits a little imgboard
rock. I
got down in front of him, and started licking his balls, while my hands
were on his hips. Slowly, I worked my little ice age
way to where my lips we barely
touching the head of his dick. I gently started to hailey little work on little modles xxx the head with my
tongue, His little arrows
moaning was amazing. He took his hands and put them on the side
of my head. As he did this, I took more of his dick into my mouth, until it
was little teens photos
all in.I kept sucking him slowly, as I didn't want him to come. He seemed to have
the same uncensored little girls thought, as he started to fuck my little amateur sex mouth slowly, but would stop for
a couple of xxx little lesbians seconds and then start again.-" Oh, my God, this is amazing. I never thought it would feel this good" little sex 16
said softly. Suddenly, he started to sexy little schoolgirls
pump harder, and said in a trembling
voice "I am going to come" I took his dick little bald cunts out of my mouth for a second and
told him " Go ahead" as I kept working his dick with my right Horny little teen hand.As soon little lollita angels as I cute little lesbians
felt his body start to spasm, I immediately took his dick in
my mouth again. He cp little girls came like a man who hadn't come in little cocks fuck 3 years.He collapsed onto the couch, little girls ilegal face all red, sweat all over, and a smile like
someone who had just been told he had won the lottery.-"Al, that was AMAZING. I feel like I am so light, dirty little cunts I could just float little angels pussy away.
I don't know how to bald little beavers repay you".-"Bill, don't worry, I am naughty little schoolgirls sure newstar little melissa i will little tiny nude think of something".
If you would like to hear more on this fantasy, e mail me and I will post a
follow up.Al"You don't stop playing because you get old.
You get old little people sex because you stop playing".

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