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Matt and Jon
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It is not my intention to offend anyone or to get you in trouble.
The author retains all rights to this original story. Please do not publish
without explicit authorization from me.
This story is completely fictional. Most of the places mentioned, and none
of the characters exist in real life. Some may possess physical or personality
characteristics of people I know or have known. But if you see yourself rape forced sex bbs
this story, your imagination is better than mine!
If you like my story, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you:
Matt and Jon
Chapter One
Matt lived in a pleasant town on teen fuck bbs
Long Island, about an hour and bbs pedo pics a half from
New York City. He grew up near the waters of the Great South Bay in a small
enough town that everyone pretty much knew each other. This had its advantages
and its bbs young teens
drawbacks, but it was what he knew, and he liked the small town atmosphere.
Science class was dragging on and on. It was the last period before lunch
and Matt bbs preeteen kids was spacing in bbsland
and out. Mr. Hanson was describing gravitational pull:
&so the bigger the planet, the greater the gravitational force.
You see, smaller objects are attracted to bigger objects&
Matt drifted out again. Being fourteen and having a wicked case of Spring
fever didnt do much for his elwebbs admin concentration.
Whenever he daydreamed about sex, it early girl bbs kds brought a mixture of pleasure and frustration.
Outwardly, he was the typical boy-next-door type. At 5 5, with
sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and the promising beginnings of his adult physique,
he was decent looking, well liked by his classmates, came from a good home&etc.
The only problem was that he knew deep down that he was living a lie.
When he jerked off, he kept trying to fantasize about different hot girls
in his spider bbs gallery class, old and young bbs
but at the last minute, a vision of a cute boy would pop into
his head and take him over the edge. Kind of like an accidental jibe on his
fathers sailboat&you think youre going one way, but the
wind has other ideas and the next thing you know, youre inexorably
going in another direction.
He had never had these problems until last year when he hit puberty. In fact
he didnt think about sex much at all, besides a few snickers on the
playground when someone brought up the subject, but dols bbs other than that, it was
outside of his realm of experience. Life was simpler then. He didnt
have this dark bbs porn pedo gnawing feeling in his gut that there was something wrong with him.
He had learned in health class that it was normal for boys to go through a
stage top nude bbs girl
of experimentation, but he hadnt ever done anything with another
boy. He only fantasized about it, which he couldnt help vlads model bbs but fear was
worse. When a guy friend is the only one available to give you those physical
sensations that you crave, well, any port in a storm  right? But russian sex bbs when
youre masturbating, you could teen art naked bbs have anyone you want. Apparently,
Matt wanted guys.
He was shaken from his ponderings by the sound of the bell. It was lunch
time at last. He gathered his books together and bolted to the door along
with the rest of the class who shared about the same enthusiasm for the subject
of gravity. It was time to go into his public persona and push all of his
self doubts back into the darkest corner of the deepest closet of his mind.
Sometimes he did this by being extroverted. Sometimes he did this at the expense
of others. He wasnt a bad kid, or what youd call a bully, but
he was prone to overcompensating for his own low self esteem by focusing cute models bbs negative
attention on others. He didnt mean it, but sometimes it just happened
that way.
He ls sites bbs
and his classmates ate their lunches and headed outside. It was one of
the first fine Spring days and they craved the great outdoors. Matt didnt
have any special best friend, but it was a small school and most of the class
had known each other free children sex bbs
from grade school, so no one was ever left out. They
joked and fooled around easily in a spirit of camaraderie that came from long
Jon was on the outskirts of the group. He usually had a smile on his face
that belied his inner pain, and now was no exception. He watched the other
kids clowning around imitating Mr. Hanson, and laughed in all the appropriate
places and generally tried to join in without calling too much attention to
himself. Jon was the fat kid that seemed lesbian movie bbs
to be a part of every
class. When he was 10, his pediatrician said hed outgrow his baby fat
when he got his growth spurt, but in the last four years, hed gotten
even more rotund if anything. His mother had tried putting him kds baby bbs sex on diet after
diet, but hed sneak candy and snacks behind her back, especially when
he was depressed. He was frequently the butt of jokes, but hed laugh
them off 14yo bbs top tgp
so as not to invite more cruel comments. Since outwardly, he always
had a smile on his face and didnt seem to mind the teasing, most of
the kids thought he was okay with it, and never dreamed that they might be
hurting his feelings so deeply bbs pretteen  this was a fairly close knit community,
and no one would knowingly hurt their peers.
Two years ago when they were 12, a teacher called the role on the first day
of class and used his full given name. It was Matt who piped up,
Jonathin? Dont you mean Jonafat?
The class dissolved into fits of laughter and Matt was invited to spend the
next half hour in the hall. Jon tentatively joined in the laughter and pretended
not to care. That night he cried himself to sleep. The nickname haunted him
on and off for the rest of the school year.
But now, reveling in the beauty of this glorious Spring day, Jon was enjoying
himself. As he edged closer to the group, he was getting a kick out of Matts
antics as Matt imitated Mr. Hanson.
&smaller objects are drawn to larger objects by gravity!!!
Matt droned in a near-perfect impression. Jon laughed out loud and caught
Matts attention. Matt then pirouetted through the crowd and crashed
into Jon, knocking him right on his butt. He then said in his best Mr. Hanson
Oh, sorry young man, I must have been sucked in by your gravitational
All the kids were hysterical with laughter, but at that moment, Matt looked
at Jon and their eyes locked for an instant. Matt was shocked at what he saw.
He could only describe it as, well, pain. Intense pain. Jons guard
was down, and hed let his true emotions come to the surface. The others
didnt notice, but it was not lost on Matt. He felt like shit. He had
just witnessed a look of shear agony on the face of another human being, and
he knew that he was the cause of it. Something inside of him died.
He reached out his hand to help Jon up and mumbled,
Sorry Jon, I got carried away, here let me help you.
Jon scrambled to his feet unaided, saying,
Im alright, dont worry about it. I, I have to go to
the bathroom.
Matt watched his retreating back as bbs boards animation nude
Jon made his way to the building.
Throughout the rest of the school day, Matt wasnt able to concentrate
on his classes. He kept glancing over at Jon as though he was seeing him for
the first time. He became aware that the smile and the laughter were forced.
It was slowly dawning on him that Jon kept his pain hidden, not unlike himself.
He felt a kinship to this kid who hed always taken for granted. He
remembered all of the times hed teased Jon over the years, and he felt
like crying. How could he have been so blind to his misery? Matt felt ashamed
of himself and was determined to do whatever he could to try and make it right
between Jon and him.
During Social Studies, he was so lost in thought that he didnt hear
Miss Selwitz call his name until shed fre pix bbs repeated it 3 times.
Uh, oh, um&what was the question?
Miss Selwitz looked sternly at Matt.
Well Matthew, Im terribly sorry if Im boring you. Perhaps
if you had a more stimulating teacher, you wouldnt be in danger of
failing this class.
Matt was blushing furiously as the rest of the class broke out in fits of
giggles. All of them except Jon. Matt caught a glimpse of him across the room
and Jons eyes were filled with compassion. How can this kid
feel sorry for bbs links xxx me after all Ive put him through? Matt thought
as he heard Miss Selwitz announce to the class that since Matt had wasted
valuable class time, she was assigning an extra chapter of reading for that
night. The class groaned. Charlie Pierce growled under his breath,
Nice going butthead, and gave him a withering look.
Needless to say, this episode did nothing to improve Matts mood. He
was so confused. Since hed seen into Jons soul through his eyes
when hed hurt him earlier, he felt like he could almost tell what the
kid was thinking when he looked into them. It was weird. Had Jons eyes
always been so expressive? How could he have not noticed before? Why the hell
did he notice now? Why wasnt Jon taking delight in his humiliation
like the others? If anyone deserved to, it was erotic bbs very young
Jon. Matt fought hard to pay
attention while all bbs boy nude 12yo
of these thoughts swirled around in his mind.
When the bell rang, everyone made a hasty exit from the last nudist gallery forum bbs
period class
to the freedom of life beyond school for another day. Matt hung back and shyly
approached Miss Selwitz. In spite of rompl index bbs what happened today, he really liked
her. She was a young attractive lady who really brought her subject alive
for the kids. She was fair, but didnt take any nonsense from her students,
who in turn respected her for it.
Miss Selwitz, I, uh, Im sorry I wasnt listening. Ive
just got a few things on my mind today.
Matt said humbly. She studied him for a moment in silence and asked,
Anything youd like to tell me about? Maybe I can help.
Matt thought about it, and nudisten bbs replied Well, its kinda, well, its,
Miss Selwitz held up her hand to silence him.
I understand, say no more. Im not THAT much older than you,
ya know. But if you ever DO want to talk, Ill listen.
She treated him to one of her warm smiles, which lifted Matts spirits.
But seriously, she continued, youve got to really
ace the next quiz just to get a C in Social Studies. After 3d bbs sex
we can talk about some extra credit work if youre interested in bringing
your grade up, but for now, I suggest you put all of your efforts into studying
for that quiz, comprende?
Got it!
Matt answered sincerely. She got up from her girls beach board3 bbs desk and came around and stood
in front of him. She put her hand on his shoulder and looked right at him
and spoke quietly,
In Yiddish, Nochis means pride. I want you to make me qvell mit nochis.
That means mixman bbs
swell with pride. Im too young to start giving
up on my students, I wont be burned out for a good 20 years yet!
They shared a laugh, as she pushed him toward the door,
go, study, eat a piece of fruit!
Matt walked toward home in the warmth of a beautiful spring day with a slightly
lighter heart. He WOULD make bbs pedosex
her qvell mit nochis, he resolved as he wrapped
his brain around the foreign sounding words. He still felt bad about Jon,
but now he knew that he would do all he could to make up for it, and that
resolution gave him some comfort.
He left the practically deserted campus behind and headed up Main Street,
taking little notice of the traffic and people around him. The door of Mels
Sweet Shop swung open just in time for Matt to walk squarely into it, causing
the person on the other side of the door to go sprawling, ass over tea kettle
onto the sidewalk. black teen bbs To his horror, Matt saw that it was Jon.
Oh, God Jon, Im so sorry, I wasnt looking nice pix bbs biz where I was
going. Are you okay? oh shit, Im so sorry!
Jon was temporarily stunned by the impact, but when he regained his composure,
he looked up at Matt and smiled. Matt knew instantly that this smile wasnt
fake. It was the real deal, and he felt a warmth spread throughout his body
that made him tingle all over. He quickly dropped to his knees and helped
Jon gather up his purchases, which consisted largely of candy bars.
Geez Jon, I cant believe I knocked you on your ass twice in
one day, Im really sorry.
Jons smile relaxed into a sort of shy grin, and he managed to whisper,
I know.
The two just stood there for a moment, and Matt, looking at the ground, said
to Jon,
Ive gotta talk to you. I feel bad about teasing you, you know,
about your weight. Its a really lame thing to do and youve got
to believe me, I didnt know it bothered you, but today, I saw, free bbs ru little
I saw&Geez,
youre gonna think Im nuts, but&I saw something in your
eyes and I knew how you felt. Aw shit, it doesnt make any sense.
A small eternity passed in silence until Jon offered,
We can talk at my house if you want, no one will be home for another
2 hours.
Matt nodded mutely and followed Jon up Main to Sycamore, down the tree lined
street, taking a left on Pine and walking up the driveway of number 22.
The house where Jon lived with his parents dark bbs alexx bbs and his older brother Sam was
a modest ranch on a nice block with similar houses, but they each had an individuality
not common in most middle income suburban neighborhoods. The area had been
developed in the early 70s, so the trees were mature enough bbs petite sex
to have
that look of permanence so often lacking in newly developed tracts, and the
lots were generous enough to provide an air of spaciousness to the neighborhood.
Matt had been there once for one of Jons birthday parties, but hadnt
been back since.
They walked to the side of the house and let themselves in the kitchen entrance.
Jon headed straight for the fridge.
You want something to drink? Coke or Sprite? Jon offered.
Yeah, a coke would teen free list bbs be good.
They took their drinks and headed up to Jons room. It was a nice room
with all the things youd expect: t.v., computer, game cube, desk&etc.
It was fairly neat, just a little sloppy around the edges. Jon pulled out
his desk chair and offered it to Matt. Jon sat on the bed. He took a swig
of his Coke and looked at Matt, and smiled encouragingly.
Matt cleared his throat and began,
Anyway, I just want to say Im sorry. You never hurt anybody
and I keep picking on you. You dont deserve it, and now I know better,
and Ill never do it again. pink girls bbs

Matt sighed and took a drink of Coke. Jon smiled at him and again he said
I know.
Matt looked at him unbelievingly.
HOW do you know? Why would you trust me so easily after all the times
I hurt you?
Jon looked at him and shrugged his shoulders and told him, xxx movies forum bbs

You said before that you saw something in my eyes, att nodded.
Well, Jon continued, Im not the only one with
eyes, ya know.
Matts brow furrowed as he gave Jon a puzzled bbs bella elweb look. Jon went on,
I saw the horror in your pedo bbs pussy
eyes, like you knew that you hurt my feelings
and that you cared. I could see your petite pedo bbs info whole expression change. Its xxx bbs passwords
you looked at me and saw a person, a human being with feelings. No one outside
of my family has ever seemed to see me ukraine models bbs that way. All the other kids just think
Im this big jolly fat kid with no feelings. The only preteem nude bbs
reason I walked
away sexy model bbs was because I thought I might cry.
As he said this there was indeed moisture welling up in his eyes. Matt got
up and walked across the room to join Jon on the edge of the bed. He put his
arm around young teen porn bbs his new buddys shoulders and said,
Its okay, you can cry if you want, I wont tell anyone.
Matt in fact was beginning to tear up a little himself. They looked at each
other, tears streaming down their faces, and began to laugh, then they went
back to crying. After awhile they found themselves in a full embrace, drooling
and crying on each others shoulders. The years seemed to fade away
for them so they could start again. Matt vowed to himself that he wouldnt
let anyone hurt this amazing, sensitive boy again kinder bbs pedo if he could help it. He
had a sense of purpose, and he knew he wouldnt let Jon down.
After theyd cried themselves out, they just sat and talked for awhile.
Jon shared with Matt about crying himself to sleep and about how he eats when
hes depressed, and how hed really like to lose weight, but somehow
he just didnt seem to have the will power. All of the sudden, an idea
occurred to Matt, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.
Hey, he said, Maybe I can help you.
Jon looked at him strangely and asked,
How could you help me lose weight?
Hear me out. My uncle used to drink a lot, but then he went to A.A.
and they paired him up with this other guy. Whenever he felt like drinking,
hed call the guy, and theyd talk about it. I could do that for
you! Dont you see? Whenever you feel like overeating, you call me and
we can talk about it, maybe even talk about why you get depressed in the first
Matt was so excited, he was rattling on a mile a minute. Then he caught sight
of Jons eyes.
Whats the matter Jon, did I say something to offend you, I
was only dirty panties japan bbs trying to help, I swear.
No, no, its not that, I just dont think itd work.
Matt could tell hed hit a nerve.
Geez Jon, its worth a try, what do you say?
I cant. I just cant is all.
Jon had started sobbing again. Matt was puzzled by his reaction and he gently
reached out and took Jon in his arms, with his head bbs superporn
against his chest and
petted his hair and kind of rocked him. It felt really weird, but at the blue bbs guide same
time kind of good, like it was the right thing to do.
After Jon calmed down a bit, Matt pulled him upright and held his chin in
his hand and looked right into his eyes (those eyes!) and told him,
You know what I see in your eyes now? llbbs kds
Jon shook his head in tiny motions within the confines of Matts hand.
Beauty. I see a beautiful soul, a real good person hiding himself
behind a layer of fat. Maybe some people look at you and see a jolly
fat kid with no feelings, but as long sun bbs kids as your eyes are open, you cant
hide from me. Why wont you let me try and help you?
He released Jons chin from his grasp and the large boys head
drooped on his shoulders with a sigh.
Because youd end up hating me is why.
Jon, if its because fozya bbs list of the teasing, I said I was sorry. I thought
you believed me. I swear I could never hurt you again. Please trust me, Jon,
I DO trust you, Matt, and Im really glad to have you as a friend.
Its just that if you knew why I get depressed youd probably
run screaming from the room and never want to see me again.
The silence in the room was palpable. Matt put his hand on Jons back
and rubbed it. Suddenly Jon yelled,
STOP it! Cant you see youre driving me crazy? Ive
dreamed about you touching me like this. When you hugged me I even got a boner.
I dream about you every night. Even when you teased me I enjoyed the attention.
You want me to call you when Im depressed? Even if its about
how I want to suck youre dick and Im so frustrated I could scream?
Yeah! Thatd work great, huh. So now you know. Im a big fat fag!
Matt just stared at him, eyes wide, open sun bbs boys mouthed.
Well, dont just sit there, Jon said, his voice raised.
Say something, hit me, run out the door, anything, dont just
sit there!
Tears came to Matts eyes and slid silently down his cheeks. Quietly
and gently he said,
All this time I thought I was the only one.
Now it was Jons turn to go slack jawed and lose his voice. Matt kind
of snickered,
Cat got your tongue?
You mean youre&
Matt nodded and smiled through his tears,
Do you think I could get a big fat kiss?
Jons face lit up and a broad smile formed, showing his gleaming white
teeth, and he leaned in and planted his lips on Matts. Gradually, their
mouths opened, and their tongues probed each other, sensuously and lovingly.
Their hands found each others backs and pulled them into a passionate
embrace. Neither one of them had ever felt so alive. When the kiss finally
came to an end, both boys just sat there looking into each others eyes
without saying a word. Neither one of them wanted to break the spell. Finally,
Jon spoke first,
That was amazing, if wed kept going, I wouldve had to
change my shorts!
Matt blushed and glanced at the lump in his kids pussy bbs own jeans, and admitted as much
Jons eyes were riveted on Matts crotch as Matt spoke,
Jon, since Im going to help you lose weight, I feel its
only fair that I offer you a low calorie, high protein snack.
The boys laughed at Matts innuendo, and Jon replied,
Oh, how selfless and noble of you!
He was on his knees between Matts legs before he finished the sentence.
Jon was fumbling with Matts jeans and with Matts assistance,
he soon had them down around his ankles. He buried his face in Matts
white cotton brief clad crotch and inhaled deeply of his delicious scent.
Matt was a little pedo russian bbs
self conscious. After a day of running around and sitting
in class, he doubted if he was exactly April fresh down there,
but to Jon, the light smell of fresh boy sweat mingled with the faded smell
of fabric softener, not to mention that lolbbspost
indescribable sexy smell of teen pheromones
was an incredible turn on. He slowly worked the waistband of Matts
undies down his hips while Matt raised his butt to help him. Matts
5 ½ inches sprang to attention. Jon was mesmerized. It was more beautiful
than hed dreamed. Perfectly formed and standing straight out from Matts
body with a soft crown of light blond pubes. His medium sized balls were in
perfect proportion, nestled in his hairless teen bbs forum 16 scrotum. Jon portal cp porno bbs would have been content
to just take it all in for awhile, but Matt had more pressing needs.
Please Jon, I really need&MMMMPH!
he groaned unintelligibly as Jons mouth enveloped the tip bbs gallery portal
of his penis,
his tongue swirling around it and finding his pee slit. His lips slid down
Matts shaft until hed taken most of it in. He gagged slightly
when the tip hit the back of his throat, but he just paused and willed himself
to young candid bbs
relax and in a short time, Matt was buried to the hilt, his soft pubes
brushing at Jons nostrils.
Matt gently ran board3 bbs list his fingers through Jons hair as Jon began to slide
his lips up and down the shaft while applying a little suction. When he started
to play with his balls, thats all it lolota free sex bbs took to send Matt over the edge.
Oh GOD, Im gonna teen bbs ukrainian cum, Im gonna cum!
he rasped, and removed his hands from Jons head in case he wanted
to pull off. Jon had no intention of wasting one single drop of Matts
juice. Hed dreamed about this moment for a long time. Thick spurts
of semen jetted into Jons hungry mouth and he swallowed as much as
he could, but some dribbled out the sides of his mouth. When Matt had stopped
spasming, Jon reluctantly let the softening organ slip from between his lips
and planted a little kiss on the underside. Matt had flopped back on the bed
in spent bliss.
Jon was savoring the taste of Matts offering in his mouth. Hed
tasted his own semen before, but Matts had a slightly tangy taste that
he found unbelievably erotic. He decided to share his high protein snack with
Matt. He slid up next bbs lola new sites
to him on the bed and once again the two boys united
in a passionate lip lock. At first, Matt was taken aback when Jon leaked some
of the elwebbs teen gallery sticky fluid into his mouth, but when he realized what was happening,
he found that he loved the sensation of their two tongues sloshing around
in his spunk. Unlike Jon, hed never tasted himself.
When they finally came up for air, Matt reached down and felt Jons
privates through his pants. He gently kneaded the swollen head, bringing a
series of whimpers from his friend. Matt whispered in Jons ear,
Your turn, stud
as he began to work Jons zipper. Jon grabbed his hand and sat up saying,
no, thats okay, you dont have to.
But I want to. Matt declared. I want to make you feel
as good as you made me feel. It was&amazing!
Jon hung his bbs erotic
head and whispered,
I dont want you to see me. My body is gross.
Matt put his arm around Jons shoulders and gave him a soft loving
kiss on the cheek.
Were going to change that, but in the meantime, I think youre
beautiful, and I want you just like you are.
Im just really shy about this&
They were silent a moment.
I know this all happened kind of fast, Jon, but weve known
each other for years, and this afternoon, well, its been lolta forums bbs
great. You
dont have to be embarrassed around me because I&I love you.
Jon couldnt believe his ears. He raised his head and looked at Matt.
Sure enough he could see love with a capital L in Matts eyes.
Did you just say you love me? He asked, incredulously.
Yeah, I did.
Matt was searching his face for a clue as to what was going on in his mind.
I thought maybe you just felt sorry for the fat kid&
Jon trailed off.
Maybe at first, but when I said I saw beauty in your eyes, I meant
it, and all that changed. Im bbs dark pedo no expert, but Ive never felt this
way before. Jon, Im honest to God in love with you, and if youll
have me, Id like to be your boyfriend.
Jon got a playful grin on his face, Ill think about it and
get back to you.
Matt teen stars bbs said with an exaggerated hurt look on his face. Jon scooped him into
a bear hug and the two of them just swayed asia bbs movie back and forth in each others embrace
for awhile. Jon whispered in Matts ear,
I love you too, more than youll ever know. Its just
that I cant help wondering what youre getting out of all this.
I know you want to help me lose weight, but what do I thumb models bbs
have to offer you?
You mean besides the obvious? Matt asked.
Hey, I didnt do that because you offered to help me teen girls bbs you know.
Yeah, I know, you did it because youre a sex crazed horn dog.
They laughed for a solid minute, and Matt said
Seriously though, Ive been thinking. You heard what Miss Selwitz
said, and youre really good in Social Studies. Would you help me cram
for the quiz? Im going to flunk if I dont do well.
Jon squeezed him so tight that Matt could barely breathe and vowed,
Im going to ride your butt so hard that youll be the
Social Studies champ of Suffolk County, if there is such a thing.
Okay! Okay! But you gotta let me breath! Matt gasped.
Jon relaxed his grip a little and mumbled
Sorry, I got carried away.
And another thing, Matt continued, we may want to work
up slowly to that butt riding thing, if you know what I mean.
Both boys cracked up at Matts remark.
When their laughter subsided, Matt gently pushed Jon back and began to undo
his fly. This time Jon offered no resistance. He slid his pants down and untied
his shoe laces, slipping off his shoes and socks, followed by the pants. He
then undid his shirt buttons and Jon slid out of the shirt and discarded it
on the floor. Jon was blushing furiously as Matt pulled his t-shirt up over
his head, tiny teen bbs and off.
Still love me? Jon said looking down at his belly.
Oh yeah.
Matt crooned, as he thought to himself that Jon was really a good looking
guy, and when he drops a few pounds, hed really be handsome.
Stand up
he encouraged Jon with a hand on his arm. Jon got to his feet with Matt kneeling
in front of him. Matt pulled down the white cotton briefs, noting,
I see we have the same taste in underwear.
Jon giggled I never really thought about it, its just what
mom buys.
Jon stepped out of the briefs and kicked them away. Matt took off his own
shirt and t-shirt, joining his boyfriend in total nudity. He noticed boy bbs forum
Jons very hard penis was a little longer and slightly fatter than his
own, and he had a little more hair. He reached behind Jon and cupped his ample
butt in his hands. Leaning in, he slowly let his tongue play around his balls.
Jon adult bbs forums cuties
gasped at the new sensation as his hands involuntarily went to Matts
head. Matt guided him back onto the bed without his tongue losing contact
with Jons balls. When Jon was lying down, the other boy switched his
attention to his throbbing shaft, cp bbs adult licking up and down it like an ice cream
cone. He took the tip in his mouth and being careful to cover his teeth, went
down on Jon like a pro. He was thinking that all the online porn hed
read kdz bbs pedo
was really coming in handy. babbleclub bbs sandra model It felt so good to have Jons cock
in his mouth. It seemed so natural and beautiful to have Jons fingers
playing with his hair while he bobbed up and down on him. He was really getting
carried away like a kid with a new toy, and started getting faster. Jon let
out a couple of high pitched animal noises and his hips began to pump into
Matts face. He was so lost in ecstasy, that he didnt even realize
that he was holding on to Matts head for dear life. His whole body
seemed to shudder as he emptied his churning balls into Matts waiting
mouth. It was the most hed ever shot in his life, and Matt was doing
his best to get it all. When Jon finally began to calm down, he stammered
Matt slid up next to him on the bed and silenced him with their second gooey
kiss of the day.
When they finally came down from their sexual high, they just lay there in
each others arms. Jon looked at the clock on his nightstand and reluctantly
said they should probably get dressed as his mom was due home soon. With a
sigh, they climbed off the bed and headed for the bathroom and took a mutual
leak, giggling as their streams crossed each other. Jon tossed Matt a washcloth
and took one for himself. As they washed up at the sink, Jon looked in the
mirror at the two of them stark naked and a smile formed on his face. He was
marveling in the fact that he didnt feel the least bit self-conscious
about his body. He felt easy around Matt, and for the first time in his life,
he felt a sense of self-esteem. This was a real turning point for him.
Just as they finished dressing, they heard Jons moms car in
the driveway. Jon went tearing down the stairs with Matt on his heels. He
ran up to his mom as she came through the door and started to babble excitedly
Mom, mom, Matt wants to help me lose weight, and hes gonna
be like my partner, like they do in A.A., and Im thinking we could
exercise together, and Im going to help hot bbs cp him study for the Social Studies
quiz, and&
Matt japanese bbs girls was terrified that Jon, in his excitement was going to blurt out and
were both gay and were boyfriends and we sucked each other off!
But luckily, his mother stopped him before it came to that,
Hey there Jonny, slow down, slow down, I just got in the door.
His mom said and kissed him on the cheek.
Why dont you boys come in the kitchen with me and tell me all
about it.
They followed Mrs. Kent into the kitchen, and when they were all seated around
the table with a snack and something to drink, she said,
Now, toplist bbs kds ls
take it again slowly from the top. She smiled at the
boys encouragingly.
Jon told her about their plans and how he really wanted it to work this time.
Matt sheepishly brought up his deficiencies in Social Studies and how he was
really counting on Jon to help him. When both boys finished, Mrs. Kent flashed
them a big smile.
Jonny, I always tried to get you to diet, but I knew deep down that
it would never work until you really made the decision yourself. Now that
you really want to, I know nothing can free nudist bbs
stop you. Im so proud of you!
She got up and gave Jon a big hug. Jon was blushing as he whined,
Mom, not in front of Matt!
His mom teased, Youre my precious little baby boy and Ill
hug you whenever I darn well feel like it. After a pause dutch teen bbs
she added,
And I might just hug Matt too!
At Mrs. Kents invitation, Matt called his mother and asked if he could
stay for dinner so he could study with Jon. Mrs. Barker was somewhat taken
aback russian bbs boards boys by her sons new found interest in his school work, but she happily
agreed, but added that she wanted him home by 8:30 because it was a school
night. The two boys did their other homework and then Jon quizzed Matt on
Social Studies for awhile. The delicious smells emanating from the kitchen
began to distract them as their stomachs began to rumble. Jon suddenly realized
that for the first time in bbs littlest years, he hadnt hidden out in his room and
put away four or five candy bars, top 100 pedo bbs
and he was underground bbs
definitely ready for a nutritious,
healthy meal.
At around 5:30, they heard the garage door open, signaling the arrival of
Jons dad.
Dads home.
Jon sang out toward the kitchen. Mrs. Kent went to the kitchen door and waited
for her husband. She kissed him as he came in and said,
Im just finishing up dinner. Jonny and his friend Matt have
some good news, why dont you go and relax with them for awhile. Ill
bring you a drink.
That sounds like a plan.
Dan Kent said as he took off his jacket and loosened his tie.
Where are they, Shelly, in the living room?
No, theyre studying in the dinning room. Tell them to put their
books away so I can set the table. Oh, by the way, Matts staying for
Dan came up behind her at darkangels bbs sven the sink where she was washing lettuce, and put
his arms around her from behind and kissed her cheek.
This is a first, I cant remember the last time Jonny had a
dinner guest.
Yes, I know. I think young lola bbs youll really like this kid. Waitll
you hear what theyve cooked up.
Dan Kents curiosity was peaked as he walked in to the dining room
where his son sat pouring over text books with his friend.
Hey, Jonny boy, whats up?
Dad, this is my friend Matt from school. Matt stood up and
shook hands,
Nice to meet you Mr. Kent.
Its good to meet you too Matt. Mrs. Kent says you two have
some news, so why dont you clear away your books and bbs tpg join me in the
living room.
When the boys got to the living room, Dan was bbs model 14 yo. sitting in an arm chair sipping
a scotch and soda, and there were two glasses of ice tea on the coffee table
for them. They each took a glass and sat on the sofa and Jon began to tell
his father about their afternoon, omitting, of course, what he considered
the bbs list forum
best part. Dan was impressed.
Well, that shows a lot of maturity. Both of you. Joining forces to
improve yourselves is very mature indeed. Especially since no one had to tell
you to do it. You thought of it yourselves.
It was mostly Matts idea. Jon said.
Yeah, and you took the ball and ran with it. Im very proud
of you.
Just then, Shelly Kent came into the living room and announced that dinner
was ready, and they got up and followed her into the dining room. It was just
the four of them, as Jons brother lo guestbook bbs models Sam was eating at a friends
house, then going to choir practice at the church. They sat down and Dan offered,
Jon, since you have a guest tonight, would you like to say grace?
Sure bbs forum porn movies
dad, Jon answered as he bowed his head.
Dear Lord, add your blessing to this meal and those of us who partake
of it. We give thanks for food and fellowship, and for good friends. Amen.
I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I have three more written which I will
post soon. Special thanks to David Lee, who has been very encouraging. Thanks
David, also for your grammatical suggestions and general advice. I didnt
think that I could improve on your disclaimer, so I shamelessly borrowed it.
I hope you don't mind.
All comments are appreciated, and all flames are cheerfully ignored. I hope
this finds everyone well and happy, and that in some small way this story
might help someone out there. Im sorry that its a little leave
it to Beaver-ish. Its obviously an idealized account of two
gay teens finding each other. I guess its due to wishful thinking on
my part for all of humanity. The boys will have their problems, though, in
the real world, and their love will see them through it. I hope
this is an inspiration. Thats what I hope for anyway. Peace, Jonathan

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