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From: Mike & Bagger
Subject: Mike Our Star Player II-3This chapter continues from the previous section of the story and previous
one. It is cute preteen toplist
written from Marty's point of view as he reviewed his personal
journal containing his observations preteensex topsites
of the two boys over the summer.Marty leafed through preteen nubile girlies
his journal that contained his thoughts from May 24
through danish preteen nude August 31. When he finished he sat back and thought about the two
boys in his life.It preteen lol xxx
seemed preteens naked underage like only yesterday, but Mike and Mark have been going together
now since the start of the football season this past year. It seemed to get
more serious after Christmas when both boys gave each other rings to show
how little preteens galleries much they cared for one another. I know for Mark the ring possessed a
whole lot more meaning since he had saved up to buy the ring after preteen gallery vagina
odd jobs preteen bath video around the neighborhood. For Mark he was giving something preteens model fashion very
special, something he had worked to buy, for the person he loved.I will never understand my own son though, as it seems that he has his
mother's trait of being materialistic. Right after Mark gave Mike the ring
the two of us were talking, when I asked him, "What is wrong with best sex preteen the ring
that Mark bought for you?"Mike's answer threw me for a loop when he said, "Dad the ring set I really
want is the one that I showed you at the chubby preteen nonnude jewelry store in Pikesville. It's
a nicer ring then what Mark bought.""Oh, nude preteen pics you mean the one you pointed out at Michael's jewelry store??"Yeah that is the preteen model bra
one." was his reply to my question."Mike, I have a serious question for you about those rings. Just how do you
expect to pay for those expensive rings?"Mike has started to hard preteens xxx sound more porn girl preteens
and more like my ex-wife, especially after I
heard his fresh preteen nubile answer to me. "Dad, I have been thinking about it, and since you
have held back my allowance because my grades where not preteen babes photos all A's, I think
that you should daddys preteen slut
give me one of your credit cards to buy them." he stated
with a straight face.Good God where did I go wrong, he sounds and is acting more and more like
my ex-wife (that materialistic bitch), was my perty preteen nude thought.Maybe part of the problem is mine, because since Mark did not have the
money to rent a tuxedo, nor did he own one, I decided to treat both of them
to new taboo preteen pics
tuxedoes. jpg preteens
Hell you only get the chance to show off your lover at preteen redhead pics
prom (spring fling) once in a life time, so each should look great.It was when Mark called me at home to tell me that he and Mike were going
to use the suite certificate he had won during the state football
championships that he first called me dad. I was so proud that he was
finally calling me dad. He made the preteen bikinis call as he felt that it was erotic preteen panty
responsibility to let me know where both Mike preteen fuck model
and he were going to be
staying.Things seemed to start on a preteen alfa sex downward slide model preteen forbidden after that, as preteen asian photos
I was called to
the office naked preteen girles
probably four or five times in the final two weeks of school due
to Mike's misbehavior. Comments that normally would have had him suspended
for the remainder of the school year if it was not for the fact that I was
the football coach so they gave him preteen cool models additional leeway. What really angered
me was that they where all preteen 3d porno directed towards Mark. Mike was hanging out with
some homophobic red necks from the baseball team now. I asked Mike," What
has gotten into your head boy?"He just hung his head, and it was then that I noticed he was not wearing
the ring that Mark had bought for preteen bedroom nude him. That caused me to grab him by his
ear dragging him into a conference room to ask him, preteen bikini hot
"Where is the perverted preteen nymphets
ring that
Mark gave you?" Tapping my fingers on the table I waited for either a lie
or some bogus excuse. I still can remember yelling, "I AM WAITING BOY AND
IT HAD BETTER BE THE TRUTH." Not really wanting to hear a word that my son
said to me, I just zoned myself out remembering how his mother used to make
up excuses portal preteen as to why she did something or why nn girl preteen she pre teens bbs bought something that we
did not need.Mike did answer my questions honestly, by saying, "Dad the ring is in its
box at the house, because I am mad at Mark since he is not going to the
beach with us as a family."In hind sight I probable should have never have told him that our beach
house was finished and that just the two of us would be living there this
summer. Mark had already told me that he was planning on taking a couple
of (AP) Advanced Placement classes, as well helping out galary pre teen Mr. Mike, the
principal who is legally blind. Mark told me that he was going to take
care of asian underground preteen Bagger, the guide dog, for Mr. Mike while he had back surgery. He
also planned on helping out after Mr. Mike was released from the young preteen ass hospital
since preteen underage sluts bending would be difficult for Mr. Mike. Mark had told me," Dad its
not that I do not want to go on a family vacation, but I want to earn my
own money like I did last summer."That is your choice Mark, but his next statement threw me for a loop when
he said, "Marty you are like a dad to me, and a great football coach, but I
can not play with a player like your son Michael who has become a
homophobic bigot towards me."At the end of the school year, before we were scheduled to head off to the
beach house, I noticed that the two boys free preteen latinas
did not even eat breakfast
together anymore.Mark informed me that he had decided to move into the new principal's
condo, that way he youngest preteen nude
could start to help Mr. Mike before the surgery and to
let the stress at our house ease with out his presence.I gave him permission to move what he needed to Mr. Mike's place before his
AP classes started, giving him a cell phone with my number already
programmed in case he needed me.It was no longer US when it came to Mike and Mark thanks to Mike's
attitude, and the next time he complains about Mark in anyway shape or form
he is getting closer to being shipped off to live with his mother.It has been almost 3 weeks since I have heard from my Mark and I trusted
him with Mr. Mike and Bagger, the Seeing Eye dog. Than one night at small sexy preteens
3 AM
my cell phone rang and it was Mark asking if I could come home as a nurse
had given Mr. Mike some medicine that he became allergic to, big time. I
quickly went in and woke Mike up to telling him that we where needed back
home immediately!!! His reaction was just as I had figured it would be so preteen photo top I
was prepared.Mike said, "Dad you go and leave me here to enjoy the beach while you
rescue Mark as always."Mike was not ready for my response when I said, "Mike get your fucking
things packed NOW!!! And give me all your credit cards!!! You are going to
go live with your mother and that asshole, Darr, because of your attitude
toward Mark, Mr. Mike, as well as myself!"It only took us about 2.5 hours to get home since I was driving 15 to 20
mph over the speed limit, but thankfully all the cops must have been on a
doughnut and coffee break. Mark was right about Mr. Mike being allergic to
the medicine.Mark called me saying," Dad can you please pick Bagger and I up at the
front door, as Mr. Mike will be staying at his house overnight I have been
informed by the doctor."I responded," Sure son but overnight is almost over since it's just about
dawn, so ask the doctor if he means that Mr. Mike preteen boys cp
is being discharged later
today." It was later that day after picking Mark leggy blonde preteens and Bagger up about dawn;
that we went to our house and rested for a short time before I picking up
Mr. Mike.I will never forget the one-sided conversation that Mr. Mike, my boss at
the school, and I had on the ride home from the hospital. He said," Marty,
you are an excellent football coach and teacher, but I need underage preteenz bbs to warn you
that Mark has told me already how Mike has candid preteen model
been treating him like shit, and
there is no chance in hell he will play football this season, since preteenporn index I have
been informed that Mike does not meet the GPA allowed to play a fall sport.
Let's stop and preteen nonnude modles get some coffee so we can talk about this before we get to
the house." After listening to my boss, erotic pics preteen or as the boys called him
Mr. Mike, he explained how Mark wanted to move in with him because he did
not feel loved by Mike anymore, and he ebony preteen pictures did preteen nudist colonies not want to come in between Mike
and his father. Mr. Mike also informed me that Mark has little preteen filipinas earned enough AP
credits to graduate a year before preteen kinder girls Mike now, and that Mike had failed 4
classes last year so that secret preteen models means that he can not play football unless he
makes up all 4 classes.Once we arrived russian preteen thumb
at Mr. Mike's condo all hell literally broke loose. I had
not even taken preteens erotics pics a seat when Mark approached me, and again said," Marty I
love you as a preteen models mpeg father figure and as preteen bikini photos a football coach, but I can not play
football on a team whose star player is two-faced homophobic bigot".I than asked Mr. Mike to tell preteens bikini pictures Mike what his status for the coming fall as
far as his class level as well as the sports that are played.Mr. Mike said, "Mike, you can not play any fall sports or any sports period
as you failed 4 classes last year, and the guidance counselors along with
myself are going to hold illegal preteens sex you back in the freshman virgins models preteens
class. Also Mike teenybopper preteen pornpreteen balls if at
anytime during the preteen model 14 school year we get a report about you verbally or
physically abusing Mark like preteen nudist dancing
you did after the preteen girl swimsuits Spring Fling; you will be
expelled on the spot."I black preteen beauty could see that Mike was upset but the next statement that I made probably
really ticked him off. "Mark, preteen mode lbreast now that you have heard that Mike will not
be around to give you any grief would euro petite preteenies
you please reconsider playing
football for us this season." I asked.I then looking over at schoolgirl preteen models Mike and seeing tears preteen art pic in his eyes, made me feel
terrible but I could not back down and I told him to go call his legal goth preteen mother.
Mike and I had made an agreement, that as long as his grades kept him
eligible to play football he could live with me, but once they dropped he
had to move hot preteen modelling in with his mother and that asshole, Darr. I also took his
credit cards from him, and told him, "You better get a job real soon as
your car insurance is coming due." Mike broke down and started to cry like
a baby.Later that morning I brought over a copy of the playbook for Mark to study.
It was then horny preteen nymphettes that I found out Mark has a photographic memory for after he
reviewed the playbook for a while he handed the book back to me. I asked
him questions about different pages and his real free preteens
answers were all girl preteen site correct.While having a cup of coffee with Mr. Mike, he made an offer concerning
Mike that models preteen nonude I felt was reasonable. He said, "Marty, I am not a father or a
big brother, but if you can find out how Mike really feels towards Mark.
If my guess is right it might work well to ask Mark to tutor him. I will
arrange for him to take his final tests to see if Mike can move up with
Mark as a sophomore. But you will also have to let him know he will still
face suspension as well preteen swimming bikini as being preteen cute pictures
expelled from school sex forced preteen
if he abuses Mark
like he did last year."Well I felt I had to give it a try, because I really do not want Mike to go
live with his mom and Darr.Just then Mike called to me, "Dad pick up the extension please.""Sure, no problem," I preteen models cameltoe
yelled. Only there was a problem as both my ex and
Darr were on the phone and preteen strapon sex
began yelling at me.She yelled, "I do ass preteen boys not preteen sex image want some faggot son, like you Marty, living in our
new house, and tell that son of yours that this number as well as naturists preteen boys this
address will no longer be ours as we are moving away from the two of you."Knowing now that I had to handle this situation on my own I called to him
for a private talk. When I questioned Mike oriental preteen nude about preteen forum pic his treatment of Mark he
told me with a straight face, so I could tell that he was not trying preteens pornography
preteens russian sex to
bullshit me."Dad, Jerry from the team last year was going buzzsession girlies preteen
around telling the others
that I liked to get fucked up the ass because I was sweet preteen pictures a flaming faggot, and
that Mark was the true male in our relationship." With that said he started
to sob and sob.I held him in my arms and hoped that by the end of the month I would have
my two boys back together, I would have them both living with me, playing
football together, as well as being pic candid preteen boyfriends again. But I have the
feeling that Mark loloita preteen links is going to be asking Mr. Mike if he can stay with him
until school starts up again, naked preteen models because Mike has hurt him so badly.TBCHope to get tight pre preteens Mike's tape soon otherwise the next chapter might be preteen speedo pictures from my
view of what has been happening.
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