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In the analysis of adult psychoneurotics, we find
that the part played by the father, as the patient
sees it, is one of the fundamental factors in the
formation of the neurosis. So is it also, in the case Keflex Rxlist
of the little patient under consideration. His atti-
tude toward his father is vividly pictured in these
phantasies, in his dreams at night, and in many
phantasies which I cannot record here. In these Keflex Price
his father is pictured as being dead, and his posi-
tion, as far Cost Of Keflex as the boy's mother is concerned, occu-
pied by the boy. For instance, in these day and
night dreams, the little fellow takes his mother out
in an automobile, buys her nice clothes, bows to her
and is very polite to her. These are Keflex Generic Name things the
child wishes to do for his mother, but feels that
his father will resent any such attitude on the part
of the boy. For instance, in the phantasy, "I see
a tiger in the woods. . . ," the tiger does this
to the fairy, arousing thereby, in the little boy,
something of envy, and as a logical step he takes
it for granted that his father will feel envious of
and hostile to him, if the patient were to do these
things for his mother. In the mind of Generic Name For Keflex the boy, the
doing of these things, i. e., being attentive to a
woman, is a sign of manhood, a privilege of men
only, and the assumption of such a state would be
viewed by the father in a hostile spirit.
It is important to keep in mind that while the
phantasies and dreams depict on the part of the
patient a hostile attitude toward his father, yet this
hostility is not felt as such by the patient, who
in reality is very fond of his father, but of whom
in a way he Price Of Keflex is afraid. This fear is evidence Keflex Capsule of an un-
derlying (unconscious) hostility. In psychoanalysis
a conscious fear has been frequently traced, at least Oral Keflex
as far as one of its unconscious sources is con-
cerned, to an attitude of hostility or hate. In so
far as this attitude of fear may be traced to an
unconscious hate as one of its components, the hate
or hostility is found to be directed on the part
of the weaker individual toward the stronger, i. e.,
the little boy and his father. It is as if the patient
realized that if his father found out what was go-
ing on in his mind, he would be punished. As a
matter of fact, fear of being punished was a great
fear with the patient. Not that he was so very
often or severely punished, but he feared punish-
ment for the most trivial offense, real or imaginary,
which he committed. The little fellow had a guilty
conscience. This had no justification Mrsa Keflex for its exist-
ence in fact, but in reality owed its existence, in
part at, to the existence of desires which found
their fulfilment in the Keflex Cost phantasies and dreams of
the little fellow. The nature of the contents of
these phantasies and dreams, the patient realized,
were such as would not meet with the approval of
his parents.
The patient has intense ambitions to be big, but Keflex For Children
feels that his father stands in the way of his Keflex 750 real-
izing them. For instance, once he said, "They boss
me all the time. If my father and mother would
die, I'd marry, and have a fine Keflex For Acne time, buy my wife
clothes, take her out in an automobile, and be a
boss, and boss my kids, and have a servant, like
you do."
The patient in his phantasies takes revenge on his
father and turns the tables completely. This is evi-
dent in the extract from the phantasy beginning:
"Once I had a bad father, ..." The ending
of the phantasy shows a kindly attitude of the boy
to his family. One might say that inasmuch as
the patient has disposed of his bad father to his
own liking, he Amoxicillin Keflex is more than willing to be kind to
his good father, by way of recompense, and also
as a reaction to the hostile impulses of the patient.
A modification of this phase of the patient's atti-
tude to his father in particular, is shown in Keflex Amoxicillin thoughts
which he expressed to me, that if he were his
father's father, that is, if the patient and his father
were to change places, he, the patient, would be
kinder to the father, as the son of the patient,
than the father at present is to the patient.
We see in the illustrations all the variations in
the attitude of the boy to his father, from the
most kindly to the most hostile. The conflict result-
ing from the hostile Keflex Mrsa wishes was responsible in a
measure for the fear of the father on the part of
the boy. For instance, during the course of the
treatment, the little fellow realized that the growl-
ing of the lion was to him the harsh, threatening
voice of the father. While the boy is not more dis-
obedient than most children, yet he allows Keflex Oral some of
the discontent, due to his supposed unjust treat-
ment, to find outlet in misbehaving in school, doing
careless and inefficient work therein, even though
he is- a very capable child.
Some of his general apprehension, and a cer-
tain symptom, a cackling noise, have the following
as their cause Keflex Prices : They relate to the event of the
birth of a little brother, the thoughts aroused by
the occasion, the various explanations he heard as
to where babies came from, and his own attempts
to arrive at some satisfactory theory as to the origin
of babies. The father of the patient informed me
that soon after the birth of the patient's little
[New York
Medical Journal.
brother, i. e., when the patient was three and a half
years of age, he was curious to know where the
baby came from, and the father states that the
little fellow's curiosity never seemed to have been
satisfied in this direction, for he very frequently
asked questions in regard to the matter. The pa-
tient was told at one time that babies came from
Heaven ; that the mother prayed to God and a baby
came; he was also told that the doctor brought
babies in a Keflex And Acne satchel. The patient was also told by
his parents that the whole process was a secret,
and that he must not ask any questions about it.
At one time the patient decided to try out the
validity of one of the theories, i. e.. that the mother
prayed to God. and that a baby would be sent to
her. Only instead of asking God for a baby, he
reasoned bv analogy that if a prayer were effective
in bringing a baby, it should be equally effective
in producing results in other directions also. He
therefore prayed one night that God should bring
him a much desired toy, and expected that he would
next morning find the coveted article beside him in
his bed, as he had heard happened in the case of
a mother's prayer for a baby. On his waking in
the morning, the desired tov was absent, to his great
surprise and disappointment, for he had believed in
the efficacy of a prayer.
He did not now wholly believe in the other things
he had heard, and in his efforts to arrive at a satis-
Keflex Generic Names
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