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Related post: urea Fenwick found it in the contents of the stomach and
in the alcoholic extract of the mucosa ; from this he eon-
eludes that the gastric mucosa excretes certain poisons,
urea, etc. ; but that, as a result of the irritation induced by
the process of elimination, an inflammation of the gastric
olands occurs. Buy Acai Berry Diet Leube considers the dys|)eptic symj)toms
in contracted kidney as a manifestation of ur;emia in gen-
eral of a nervous origin.
Bernacki found the gastric secretion diminished in
nephritis ; the hydrochloric acid more or less decreased,
not rarely altogether absent ; often there was a total lack
of pepsin. The further investigations of the Pure Acai Berry Capsules same author
show: 1. That during the presence of oliguria and oedema
the diminution of hydrochloric acid is more pronounced
than after the restoration of the urinary secretion and the
disappearance of the a'dema ; as the quantity of urine in-
creased, so did the hydrochloric acid. 2. That when the
oedema is more marked, when more albumin is excreted,
and when the secretion of urine is lessened, the quantity of
free hydrochloric acid is diminished proportionately.
Atonic conditions of the stomach are not often found in
chronic diseases of the kidney, but very frequently an
accelerated propulsion of the stomach contents into the in-
testinal canal (hyperkinesis). This increased gastric activ-
ity was found not Cheap Acai Berry only in quite recent but also in older
cases, and at the same time hydrochloric acid might be
present or not. This hyperkinesis explains why the food
does not stagnate and give rise Buy Acai Berry Uk to catarrhs, and why the
patients do not show Buy Acai Berry Select the slightest subjective disturbance of Acai Berry For Men
the stomach despite the marked anomalies of the gastric
Incidentally I shall make mention of the pretended
causation of a dilatation of the stomach by the pressure of
the right wandering kidney upon the Acai Berry Cheap pylorus and the fixed
portion of the duodenum, which is asserted to hinder the
passage of the food from the stomach. I can recall two
cases of my own in which there was a right wandering kid-
ney associated with gastroptosis— -J. e., displacement of the
entire stomach in toto — without dilatation.
In diseases of the intestines it is the obstruction of the
portal circulation Acai Berry En Espanol through the liver, during which conges-
tion occurs in the entire fundamental distribution of this
vessel, which is sure to manifest its injurious effects upon
the stomach likewise.
According to Rosenbach, constipation — which, indeed,
is frequently merely a consequence of gastric dyspepsia,
because the digestive disturbances within the stomach in
some manner weaken the peristaltic movements of the in-
testine — when marked or chronic in character, in turn
gives rise to considerable dyspeptic troubles which appar-
ently spring Acai Berry Buy Online from the stomach, since it prevents the ex-
pulsion of the ingesta into the intestine, which is distended,
with fseces or gases. Of course, both constipation and
gastric dyspepsia may represent co-ordinated conditions
which develop simultaneously as Acai Berry Premium a result of a general atony
of the digestive tract (for instance, in ansemia). Ewald
speaks of a case of typical gastrectasia without any de-
monstrable cause, developed after many years of obstinate
constipation, which would lead one to suppose that the
persistent sluggishness or paresis of the intestine may give
rise to diminished peristalsis of the stomach. In this con-
nection I may mention the disagreeable stomach troubles
which manifest themselves by anorexia, pressure or pain in
the gastric region of persons suffering from obstinate con-
stipation, often lasting many days, which condition changes
into a feeling of well-being after this constipation is over-
come. I am inclined to look upon this as an irritation
produced by the firruer contents through mechanical pres-
sure upon the fibers of the sympathetic and vagus, unless
we prefer to ascribe it to the simultaneously developed
I shall dispose with a few words of the connection of
gastric affections with some diseases of the genital organs.
Of the various neuroses associated with retroflexion of
the uterus and dependent upon it, the gastric neurosis is
probably the most frequent. Often, however, we may ob-
serve the persistence of the gastric neurosis in spite of the
cure of the retroflexion. Quite recently, indeed, clinical in-
vestigators have devoted increased attention to the digest-
ive disturbances which are not due to an organic disease of
the digestive apparatus but are based upon certain condi-
tions of irritation or atony of the nervous system. Every
gynaecologist will admit that women suffering for a long
time from sexual diseases complain chiefly of gastric dis-
turbances of a widely varying nature associated with them.
In such cases we have to deal with dyspeptic disturbances
without organic alterations of the digestive apparatus, in
which the diseases of the uterus and its annexa give rise to
centripetal irritations of the nervous system which in a re-
flex way act upon the digestion. Thus we often meet with
gastralgias of the most violent kind with the onset of men-
struation ; Acai Berry Select Weight Loss in these Ultimate Acai Berry cases there may be increased or con-
tinuous acid secretion which ceases after the flow.
I shall conclude Pure Organic Acai Berry with the digestive disturbances ob-
served during or after general diseases.
How important it is to Buy Pure Acai Berry follow the rule of examining the
urine of every patient Acai Ultra Berry is proved especiaUy by diabetes, in
which the dyspeptic troubles are often regarded as a dis-
ease per se until the sugar is accidentally discovered in the
According to Lenbe, gastric digestion in diabetic patients
is normal despite the greatly increased quantity of ingesta ;
in rare cases we may observe the development either of
atony of the stomach or of jiermanent gastrectasia.
Eosenstein found in diabetes :
1. In a number of cases free hydrochloric acid is lack-
ing for a longer Acai Berry Ireland or shdrter period of time, and this absence
is to be Premium Acai Berry Where To Buy Pure Acai Berry looked upon as the expression of a gastric neu-
2. Extensive atrophies of the gastric mucosa in conse-
.quence of an interstitial gastritis.
3. Where free hydrochloric acid is constantly absent
the cause is to be ascribed to an atrophy of the glandular
apparatus caused by an interstitial inflammation.
In anwraia and chlorosis, owing to the defective blood
supply, the activity of the gastric glands suffers likewise ;
in the majority of cases of this disease we have to deal
with a diminution of the hydrochloric acid. Still, there
are exceptions to the rule ; even in the gravest forms Acai Berry 2000 Mg of
anaemia, in the so-called pernicious anaemia, the acidity is
by no means always diminished, according to Leube.
In chlorosis I frequentlj' found atonic conditions of the
stomach and not rarely pronounced dilatation ; also a dim-
inution in hydrochloric acid.
It is well Acai Berry Fat Loss known, too, that in consequence of the insuf-

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