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Related post: ousness. His symptoms have disappeared. He prefers to read
without glasses. He exercised the internal recti with the
prisms for about four weeks.
October. — Saw patient again. He is still relieved and reads
as much as he likes _ without glasses. He has never worn the
glasses constantly.
December 15th. — He writes : " I am able to read without the
aid of glasses, having none of those former symptoms of feel-
ing sleepy or tired; also my head does not ache ; my health is
better, which I attribute to my eyes."
Case VI.— Mrs. G. B. A., Burlington, Vt., March 14, 1890.
Asthenopia. Headache and nausea and feeling of strain in
eyes. The pain begins in forehead Buy Nitrofurazone and temples, and if she per-
sists in reading or sewing" she has pain in the back of her head
and a geneml headache. General health excellent with above
exceptions. R. V. = f ; rejects glasses. L. V. = | ; rejects
Media clear, fundus normal; no error of refraction detected
with ophthalmoscope.. Right hyperphoria, 1 ; esophoria in
accommodation, i ; abduction, 9. Loaned prism, 1°, base down,
for right eye, to use in reading.
March 27th. — No error of refraction detected. Right hy-
perphoria, 2; exophoria, 4; exophoria in accommodation, 4.
To continue with the prism which gives her comfort in read-
ing. Operation proposed ; refused.
April 7th. — She received her reading glasses. Riglit, prism
1°, base down ; left, i)ri8m ^°, base up.
December 9

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