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Phenergan Tablets 25mg

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[N. Y. Med. Phenergan 20 Mg Joue.,
in diameter covered witli black velvet, wbich Dr. Noyes has
added to his (old model) instrument, and this, besides being less
cumbersome, does away with tl)e multiplicity of corneal reflexes,
which are more or less confusing.
D. W. Hunter, M. D.
Jainuiry 3, 1S93.
To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal:
Sik: Referring to your editorial on The Question of a Na-
tion Quarantine, in the Journal of December 24th last, I beg to
remark that the desirability of a uniform system of national
maritime quarantine in our country is hardly a debatable mat-
ter — it is conceded by all.
You think "there is no reason for establisliing, as some
have proposed, a national board of health, and still less a new
department to be called the Department of Public Health under
the charge of a secretary." But you think " the 7'reasury Phenergan Tablets 25mg De-
partment has already th^ frame Phenergan 10mg Tablets upon which to huild a quaran-
tine corps of trained men in the Marine-Hospital Service."'
In other words, the proposition seems to be practically to
abolish the Marine-Hospital Service by transmuting it into a
" Quarantine Corps," alias a United States sanitary scavenger
eervioe. The name, however, is Phenergan 12.5 Mg Iv not to be changed, for, if it
were, certain statutes must be examined and perhaps repealed) Phenergan 50 Mg
which might not be agreeable to alh
As one of the older members of the endangered organiza-
tion, your correspondent feels it to be his right and duty
strongly to protest against this retrograde metamorphosis and
proposed destruction of a time-honored and beneficent service.
It '• an Phenergan Tablets 10mg increased force and more money " be necessary to
enable the executive officer of the Marine- Hospital Service to
cause to be performed the " additional duties" you allude to,
and this " increased force " is not to consist of medical otHcers
of the Marine- Hospital Service— the /nime on which the pro-
posed Phenergan 12.5 Mg neic " corps " is to be built — then why not change the
name of the chief officer and have a Secretary of Hygiene ?
This would not " complicate the machinery of Government,"
but woiald simplify it, by continuing the Marine-Hospit;d Serv-
ice in its legitimate role, with its ''supervising surgeon," as
now provided by statute; whilst the Secretary of Hygiene, be-
ing a person learned in all the arts and sciences pertaining to
public sanitation, could intelligently and properly direct, under
existing laws sHghtly moditied, the new '-force" in its highly
necessary but exceedingly disagreeable labors.
Medical officers of the Marine- Hospital Service are not espe-
cially trained in sanitary affairs more than similar officers of
other branches of the public service, and a large nimiber of them
are no more anxious or willing to lay aside their purely profes-
sional duties for those of sanitary policemen than are medical
officers of the navy or army, or most physicians in private
Omitting Buy Phenergan Uk details, probably the best system of national quar-
antine would be to put the entire seaboard and land frontier
quarantine service under the direction of a Government bureau
specialbj organized for that purpose, under nete and uniform
laws and rules, with a new, thoroughly competent, and experi-
enced chief, and newly appointed officers for this particular
duty, leaving all interior and inter-State sanitary and qu-i-rau-
tine matters to the management of the State and local boards of
health, without interference by Federal officials.
Some remedies are worse than the disease, and Phenergan Sleeping Tablets the liberties
and best interests of the people at largo should be ever kept in
view and not allowed to be jeopardized by personal ambitions.
Sdkgeon, M.-H. S.
|irotfct>rngs of Sooftics.
Ninth Annual Meeting, held in New York on Tuesday, Wednes-

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