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Related post: special duty in New York and ordered to the Minnesota.
Kite, I. W., Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Yantic
and ordered to the Richmond.
Surgeons Woolverton, White, Woods, and Du Bois ordered
for examination preliminary to promotion to the grade of
Medical Inspector.
Moore, A. M., Surgeon. Ordered to Naval Station, New Lon-
Austin, A. A., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the
Gedney, and to wait orders.
July 7, 1888.]
Owens, Thomas, Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Naval
Station, New London, and ordered to the Coast-Survey
Steamer Gedney.
Marine-Hospital Service. — ^^'c«a/ List of Purchase Combivent Changes of
Stations and Duties of Medical Officers of the United States
Marine- Hospital Service for the two weehs ending June 30^ 1888 :
Wtman, Walter, Surgeon. Detailed as member, Board of
Examiners, vice Surgeon Fessenden, excused on account Combivent Inhaler Prices of
physical disability. June 15, 1888.
Fessenden, C. S. D., Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
thirty days on account of sickness. June 15, 1888.
Vansant, John, Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for ten
days. June 25, 1888.
Mead, F. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of ab-
sence for thirty days. June 28, 1888.
Society Meetings for the Coming Week:
Monday, July 9th: New York Ophthalmological Society (pri-
vate) ; New York Medico - historical Society (private) ;
Boston Society for Medical Improvement; Gynaecological
Society of Boston ; Burlington, Vt., Medical and Surgical
Club ; Norwalk, Conn., Medical Society (private).
Tuesday, Order Combivent Online July 10th: Medical Societies of the Purchase Combivent Online Counties of
Chautauqua (annual), Clinton (semi-annual — Plattsburgh),
Greene (quarterly), Jefferson (semi-annual — Watertown),
Madison (annual), Oneida (annual — Utica), Ontario (annual
— Canandaigua), Schuyler (semi-annual), Tioga (semi-annual
— Owego), and Wayne (annual), N.Y.; Norfolk, Mass., Dis-
trict Medical Society (Hyde Park).
Wednesday, July 11th : Medical Society of the County of
Albany, N. Y. ; Tri-States Medical Association (Port Jer-
vis) ; Franklin (quarterly — Combivent Online Greenfield), Hampshire (quar-
terly — Northampton), and Combivent Tablets Worcester (Worcester), Mass.,
District Medical Societies.
Thursday, July 12th : Medical Societies of the Counties Generic Combivent of
Cayuga and Fulton (semi-annual), N. Y.
Friday, July 13th : Medical Society of the Town of Saugerties
N. Y.
Saturday, July IJ^th : Worcester, Mass., North District Medi-
cal Society.
proteebings ai Socutus,
Meeting of April 23, 1888.
The President, Dr. Laurence Johnson, in the Chair.
The Indications for the Surgical Treatment of the De-
fleeted Nasal Septum, with Order Combivent an Analysis Combivent Mg of One Combivent Nebuliser Hundred
Cases, was the title of a paper read by Dr. W. C. Jarvis. He
thought fixed rules could readily be discovered governing tlie
surgical treatment of these cases, and to supply a want in this
direction the analysis had been made. He cited one among a
number of cases showing the necessity for established rules,
that of a physician who had come a long distance to have him
employ the snare in the removal of a supposed nasal obstruction.
The patient had submitted to a number of operations at the
hands of different specialists. Dr. Jarvis found, however, that
no surgical interference was indicated. Those who Buy Cheap Combivent had per-
formed operations previously might give as an excuse the fact

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